Snow Day Whoopsie

It's a SNOW DAY!  It never looses its glory.  All of a sudden, I have an entire day to do WHATEVER I WANT.  Ok, that's not true, what I want to do is put on my pjs and read a fluff novel.  What I will do is make a few Christmas crafts (which I can't tell you about until after Christmas), cook a nice dinner, do a little toy organizing (a never ending duty) and start some Christmas wrapping!  WOOHOO!

Now, why did I title this "Snow Day Whoopsie"?  Guess who was the ONLY one at work this morning?  LOOoooser.  Kinda like the time I was the only one to dress up for Hippie Day (it was the following week and shy, preteen Julie was MORTIFIED).

I shouldn't say that I was the only one this morning.  There were custodians and one rather sheepish tech guy... who came to apologize for not entering my phone number into the call system.  Now I just need to figure out who didn't call into the radio station that I listened to this morning, a radio station that is included on the school districts list of who to listen to. 

Oh well, at least my daughter is still in her pjs and having a wonderful morning with her grandparents Orris and her mama.  I didn't get home in time for Jake to leave for work, so he dropped her off with our neighbors (afore mentioned gparents)... and then FORGOT TO CALL ME.  LOOOooooser AGAIN!  He got a rather frustrated phone call when I arrived home to discover an empty house.

All in all, I'll forgive my morning whoopsies because I HAVE A SNOW DAY, NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH!


  1. MN has gotten a TON of snow. Unfortunately ALL of said snow has been over the weekends or right before a holiday (like Thanksgiving).

    No snowdays here. Color me green with envy.

  2. Note to readers: Julie did get a phone call from her mama at 6 a.m. telling her about the delay. But unfortunately, her cell phone ringer wasn't on...or it was in another room...or she forgot to check her messages. Hmmmm.......

  3. Ditch those old-school technologies and check the INTERNET!

  4. Hooray for snow days! Glad you had a chance to enjoy your day at home. :)


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