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Thanks to K.Starr for directing me to my new favorite blog.  Blogs are such a unique opportunity to share our lives with our loved ones and make friends with strangers.  They are a creative outlet, a journal, an inspiration.  Sometimes they are a burden, but then I can simply disappear for as long as it takes to get my creative blogging juices going (side note:  what DID I blog about before Hazel?  need to work on a better diversity in my subject matter).

I encourage you to check out: 

life in grace

As many of you know, I LOVE being Lutheran.  My Lutheran family has supported me and provided for me in more ways than I can even mention.  But let's start with the basics:  a husband and brother-in-law.  Good stuff, trust me!  Edie, the blogger behind LifeInGrace is a fairly new Lutheran and I'm truly enjoying reading about her faith.  She articulates things so beautifully that I find myself wanting to shout MARTIN LUTHER IS THE COOLEST from the roof tops!  Being Lutheran is as simple as believing in being saved by grace.  That's it.  So simple and yet so gorgeously freeing and intricate. 

Edie also blogs about her home renovations.  Yup, another one of those moms who have an amazing house and make crafts look easy.  I'm half convinced these moms are aliens... but I shouldn't talk about my religion and extra-terrestrials in the same post.  Edie and her family lost their gorgeous home to a house fire right before Christmas.  Let's pause for a moment to think about how devastating that would be.  A moment letting my mind walk that path is about all I have the strength for.  So, join me in praying for Edie and her family that they may find the strength to deal with this disaster and that they find comfort in knowing that their heavenly home will never disappear.


  1. Funny you would write this, I have actually thought of you several times when I was visiting Edie's blog! Your encouragement to pray for her was beautiful... well said.

  2. you are so sweet to do this. thank you so much for praying for our family. and yay! a fellow Lutheran blogger! there aren't too many of us. that grace thing has completely changed my life.
    thanks again for blessing me with your words.
    much love,


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