It's a GIRL!

I'm so excited that I will be the mama to TWO girls!  Granted, I'm a little sad that I don't get to experience the opposite gender, but I have so much experience with girls... not to mention getting twice the use out of Hazel's extensive wardrobe and play-things.  Plus, though I hate to admit it, 'cause my sister reads this blog :)... there's something wonderful about having a sister!  It's unlike any other relationship and I'm very glad that my girls will have that special relationship.

Actually, this early morning post was inspired after watching my little girl-y nugget carry around her new doll (thanks Gma B), wrap her repeatedly in a blanket, pull out foods from her oven and offer it to her doll, etc.  Before we had kids, my husband and I were firm on the fact that we wouldn't gender stereotype our kids. 

Girls can love trucks, boys can love dolls.  Try as I might, I cannot get Hazel to play with her cars or build block towers.  Nope, she wants to push doll strollers, explore the kitchen, take care of her dolls.  It's truly an eye opening experience for me!  In fact, when I clean, she mimics me!  She'll grab a rag and "dust", she'll roll her IKEA popper while I vacuum, get the picture? 

Getting to watch Hazel with her 3-month old cousin, Annaliese has been very heart warming (for me, a little terrifying for Annie's mom).  All Hazel wants to do is stare at her, pet her, hug/crush her, kiss her (which is a LITTLE annoying since she typically refuses to give kisses to her parents!), and when Annaliese is not around, Hazel says "baby.  baby.  BABY.  baby.  baby."...

Yes, I think our house is ready for another girl to join us, I just hope she's a little more patient and not 5-weeks early!


  1. Hip Hip Hooray... two girls, such fun! It was just me & my sister growing up and boy were we expensive :) We have more fun together now than ever... you'll love every minute!

  2. Congrats! That is adorable.

    I think Hazel simply learns by watching those that are around all the time. Since you are the one there most often, she wants to mimic you and do what you do (cook, clean, etc).

    Caleb is having a bit of gender confusion, which I don't mind, mostly because he's around girls 24-7. He wants to wear make-up and toenail polish. He L-O-V-E-S babies. He still does boy stuff like play with cars... but I think it's because I like playing with his cars :)

    Congrats on finding out it's a girl. Hazel will be a great big sister :)

  3. I was just reading about Hazel's age last night---in a book by Dannah Gresh---where she describes ages 2-5 as the "Copycat Phase", where children start to develop their values by copying parents. (Okay, Hazel may not be two, but we all know she's advanced, right?) :)


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