Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
I want your full attention


I've been looking at lots of books, learning about Jesus' birth and how we celebrate by giving gifts to our families. I think this is a GREAT idea.

However, I'm a little worried that sometimes you hear my dada call me "a beast" and you heard my mama telling dada yesterday that I'm "getting a difficult temperment". Not sure what that means, but I think it might be a bad thing.
I ASSURE you that I'm a happy sweet girl as long as my schedule is followed and strangers (sorry Santa, but it's true) give me time to warm-up before grabbing me. What else is an almost 18 month old supposed to do when naps are ignored, babies are chained down in long car rides and I'm taken to non-baby proofed places where I'm not allowed to run free?

Anyway, I've taken (with a little help) a few photos today to show you what a great girl I am... in fact, I also overheard mama telling dada that I'm "growing up" and I'm a "great little helper". So, if you need another elf to help you (eat cookies) on Christmas, I'm your girl!

My babysitter gave me a doll high chair and stroller and I've been dabbling with pretend play with my dolls.  I hear I'm gonna have a LITTLE SISTER soon, so I need the practice!  This is me feeding the hungry...

...and then helping her eat her snack

One of my favorite things to do is dance with my parents.  They are total dorks about it, but it's a lot of fun!  Today I forced dada to take a break from building shelves and we had a Jingle Bell Rock Party.
I even practiced my driving skills in case you drink a little too much eggnog.
I helped mama wrap the presents I made... but she got annoyed that I liked to walk on the crisp wrapping paper and pull the tape out as far as I could from the dispenser.
I can be a really really good sleeper.  When I'm home and on my own schedule, I'll give the "I'm sleepy" sign and wait by the stairs until someone takes me to my bed.  I'll be taking really good naps all week so that I'm rested in case you need my help!
To spread Christmas cheer, I made sure to spend time with my great grandparents.
...and listened attentively to the Christmas story.

So Santa, as you can see, I had a really busy and HELP-FULL day.  I can't wait to see what you bring to my house :)



  1. Adorable... she is just about the cutest! Enjoy every minute and have a wonderful Christmas friend!

  2. Julie, this was adorable! You have a gift with writing. I cannot wait to spend time with this elf next weekend! Love you!

  3. I can't decide which of these pictures I love the best! How precious.

  4. GREAT photo of Jake and Filbert rocking. Not the typical "dad rocking baby" photo, but much more entertaining, for sure.

  5. Just realized ... you need to change the subtitle of your blog. Trio no more!

  6. I love the curls, I love the dress and tights, and I love her! I hope Hazel gets all she wants from Santa:)

  7. Oh my goodness! I just realized she has practically out grown here sheepskin!!

  8. Such a cute post! Hope that you have a great Christmas!


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