Coordinating a lovely Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year. No, not the presents or even the abundance of favorite foods... it's the family time and special moments that made this Christmas my all-time favorite.

The Kosker Trio...actually, we're a Quartet (hello baby bump!)

Hazel and my parents smooching on our favorite Christmas present... my niece from Alaska!
Yesterday I was dutifully writing my lists of presents received.  By the end, I was feeling really Grinch-ish.  SO MANY GIFTS... SO MUCH STUFF.  I should feel grateful... I do... but I also feel guilt and burdened.  My husband thinks I'm crazy, but has come to believe that I'm telling the truth and that I prefer one or two really nice and thoughtful gifts over lots and lots of boxes to open.  Certainly, not the way I felt when I was a kid... but now that I'm in charge with running a house and finding a place for everything... and paying the bills, I have a whole new outlook on possessions.  My trio was mightily spoiled by our loved ones this year.  So, thanks to our families for spoiling us despite my Grinch-ish tendencies!  I'll just continue to work on being a grateful receiver as I snuggle into my comfy cardigan from my m-i-l (perfect gift for a preggo!), put on my string of Bead for Life beads from my parents, prep a dinner in my gorgeous new oven, upload pics into my digital picture frame from b-i-l and pack my adorable sister-made purse (no offense to the multitude of gifts not mentioned, you are appreciated too!).

Hazel LOVED opening presents (I feel as though I should write a Wikipedia entry on over-stimulation) and is having a ball playing with her new things.  Our favorite is an upcycled stove top that Grandpa Orris fit into a wooden oven.  Hazel is mighty lucky to have one of Santa's elves for a grandpa!  His woodshop has created quite a few favorite gifts and I see many more coming from there in the future!

Isn't her black velvet dress with a satin rose trimed neckline paired with her magenta tights and sweater ADORABLE?  I could seriously eat this child.  My husband was so proud of me for not putting her in red and green :)  If you noticed earlier, I couldn't resist and dressed myself and Jake in black for Christmas.  Too matchy-matchy for you?  I can literally feel my style-guru bff, Whitney, beginning to boil.  (SORRY, I listen, truly I do, but I LOVE to coordinate!)  Well, hold onto your britches because I coordinated one more Christmas surprise in honor of all the girls in my nuclear family being together.  Ready?  (you can never be truly ready for this!)

Step 1

Step 2

DRUM ROLL PLEASE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Step 3

...And to all a GOOD NIGHT (preferably in matching pjs!).


  1. LOVE this post. LOVE the pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. OK, love the photos. However, due to the angle of the shots... I'm not really getting an idea of the size of your baby bump.

    Why do I love baby bumps so much? I have NO idea... but something about cute pregnant bellies makes me smile.

    And I just wanted to say thank you for the package. The Marie Claire magazine inspired a new haircut. I will probably blog about it soon so you can see if I look anything like Emma Watson :)

  3. Love your post, but for a different reason than M. (although the pictures are too cute!)

    Thanks for sharing your grinch-ish-ness. I was feeling very grinchy and ungrateful yesterday, and couldn't even bear to put it into words. Reading your blog made me feel not so alone. Thanks! :)

  4. You guys are adorable - matching and all! Merry Christmas!!!

  5. I love your matchy-matchiness! I also love her dress:) Super cute!!


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