Oh Happy Day!

Ok, I admit it, Saturdays are always my favorite, but after working all week (I took a long term substitute school counselor position at a local 7-12 building.)... Saturday takes on a new level of bliss!  Granted, I'm still on call (3 more on call shifts this month and then NEVER AGAIN!  Oh how I hate living life in limbo... and getting called out to the hospital in the middle of the night), but until that darn phone rings... I'm at home with the loves of my life.

Correction, the original love of my life is already at Home Depot.  This morning as he's running around the house and basement in his typical inspired fury, I checked my annoyance with him for not feeding Hazel while I cleaned the kitchen.  I am SO glad that I married a busy beaver.  He is so full of energy... good thing because he's even more full of ideas!  Today he is reorganizing our basement.  Actually, we are reclaiming it.  We bought the house months ago, but have been storing a lot of my grandparents things that they don't want, relatives don't want, but nobody feels comfortable getting rid of.  We also have a barn full of this limbo stuff... another day... another headache.

Later this afternoon our friend Superman Steve is coming over to assist Jake in building shelves and walls.  I can't WAIT to have organization in the basement!  I hope they have time to hang the coat and shoe rack... having a place to unload when I walk in the door will be orgasmic.  Yes it will!  Currently, we take off our shoes, carry our shoes and coats through the house to the guest room/office and then repeat in reverse when we want to leave.  Annoying.  (which is why we tend to have shoes and coats piled on chairs throughout the living room)

Then we'll have Steve's family over for dinner.  Let's hope I get to stay home for the dinner!

oooo... cold hands are reaching up my shirt tickling me!  Excuse me while tickle monster attacks the predator...

It didn't work, now she thinks it's play time.  Ok, Hazel wins.  I'm off to enjoy this giggle monster who has a budding sense of humor (we spent all of dinner last night making goofy faces and Hazel was HOWLING!  so fun!).


sweet 16!

It occurred to me late last night, that today I am 16 weeks pregnant and that Hazel is 16 months old! One of those things that I think are really neat and my husband can't understand why I'm even bothering to comment on :)

I'm thrilled to announce that the queasiness and all-encompassing fatigue have passed! I'm not energetic, but also don't need TWO naps a day just to make it till dinner. So glad I wasn't working full-time during the first trimester! Tonight is my first real appointment with our midwife. I'm SO excited. Last week I went to the women's clinic where I felt like herded cattle and the 2.3 seconds I spent with the Doctor left me feeling unimportant, uncherished, and ungoddess-like. Tonight when my midwife arrives at MY house and sits on my couch just to chat about everything pregnancy related that passes through my OR my husband head... I think I will feel important, cherished, and like a true pregnant goddess.

As I type, Hazel is standing next to my chair, her head on my leg, her hand pulling up my shirt to rub my side. It's aboslutely precious. She LOVES to show her belly and have it tickled and she also really LOVES pulling up mama and dada's shirts to peek a little skin. I love my 16 month old (who weighs 22 pounds and is just under the 50% for height and weight... quite a relief 'cause the girl eats CONSTANTLY!). It's too bad she won't remember this time in her life when our world revolved completely around her. Soon(ish) she'll be an older sister, but for now, she is my only baby and I'll read her board books 1000 times (per day) as long as she'll sit on my lap and snuggle!