tv mom

In my mind, I am a perfect TV mom.  I have a perpetually clean house.  I always have a smile and kind word for my husband.  I put healthy, balanced, homemade meals on the table EVERY night.  I give my child only healthy, educational toys, which I fully engage in playing with her... along with a healthy dose of reading and music.  I never complain and my acquaintances are most often left in awe of my "togetherness".

Why is my reality so utterly different?  (Hazel has been standing at my lap screaming bloody murder the entire time I'm posting this.  The carpet under her feet is filthy.  She just licked snot off her lips 'cause the drips have been ignored while I'm writing this.  There's a frozen pizza in the oven.  And despite the fact that my hubby babysat this morning so I could have a Dr.'s appt. in peace and during that time he did laundry AND cleaned the fridge... I'm probably gonna fail at biting my tongue when he returns home from hunting... because you know, my life is so hard with one baby girl who just wants my attention...)

Thank goodness I'm not a Reality TV horror show!


  1. You are a wonderful mom. And wife. And sister. Who wants to be a "desperate housewife?" They're just that- pretty desperate.

  2. Ditto. Oh...and DAUGHTER! and friend...and CLASP leader...and counselor...and ...and ...and....


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