Scaredy Cat

This is Hazel's first time playing dress-up.  To say that she didn't get it is putting it very mildly!  Despite the mirror we had ready, she rubbed and rubbed everytime dada tried to be artistic with the make-up.  Regardless, the result is bound to turn even the most feline-opposed into a true cat lover!

(notice that she had to stalk some prey... the elusive owl... in order to have a treat bag)
Hazel visited 4 houses this year and her bag was bursting at the seams.  I want to point out that I'm the only shmuck who gave her chocolate!  Kind of ironic for a mama who tries to be so careful with sweets :)

(she also had a mega cute tail... hopefully her Gma Orris got a pic of that!)



  1. SO adorable. i cannot wait to see her at christmas :)

  2. She's the cutest kitty ever! Love the costume. :)

  3. haha!! Hazel is too cute!! BTW...I am totally glad you dig the name River. We love it and it already suits her! However...I think some people think we are totally strange! haha...they are right. :-) Hope you are feeling fabulous! My countdown is seriously on...10 days baby!

  4. Super cute!! And of course the treat bag was an owl;)


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