I wish...

I wish that I could feel emotions as purely as Hazel.
  • feel happy?  giggle and laugh.
  • feel needy?  walk up to a loved one and snuggle my face into them till they pick me up.
  • feel sad/angry/disappointed?  put my head on the ground and scream (it's funniest when she does this while still standing).
  • need attention?  smile at everyone around until they notice my cuteness.
  • once the moment passes... move on to the next task.  emotions have been recognized, felt, and eased. 
I wish that I had the life of one of my cats.
  • sleep all day if I feel like it with no guilt or chores piling up.
  • meow at someone until they provide food (ok, I wouldn't like eating the same thing all the time).
  • play outside to my heart's content... or until it's naptime again.
I wish I was a true minimalist.
I wish I could buy everything my little heart desired
   (notice the internal conflict?)

On that note, I am once again posting a HOLIDAY WISH LIST.  It's shameless, but I know some people appreciate the guidance... while others prefer complete surprises.  I truly don't need much this year...unless an in-home chef is in your budget.  So, mostly this wish list is for Hazel.  She's the one that's fun to shop for anyway!  I promise not to look and see what's been purchased.  You can use this as guidance or buy straight from the registry.  I'll be adding to it over the next few weeks. 

The Kosker Family Christmas Registry:

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  1. I love that you put Mr. Rogers on your wish list!! I was actually thinking about getting that for one my Matt's nieces! They loved the ride at Idlewild park! He was my fav as a child.


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