Favorite Season

I LOVE fall!  The colors, the SMELLS, the crunchy leaves, the pumpkin baked goods, the slight chill in the air... I love it all!

The past two weekends have been 100% sublime.  Here are a few of my favorite things:

Hiking on a bed of golden leaves.  Enjoying a toasty campfire (notice how helpful Hazel was to her dada in making the fire!).  Feeding Hazel her FIRST MOUNTAIN PIE :)

Playing in the sweet smelling leaves!  Below you'll notice that Hazel and Jake invented a new game that had them ROLLING!  Hazel feeds dada leaves, he accepts them, he spits them out, commence best baby giggling we've ever heard, repeat.  And... snugglin' with my loved ones due to that nip in the air.

Spending time with loved ones!  Here the Tost family visits our pseudo-farm for the first time.  The boys (2 big, 2 little) enjoyed collecting eggs, feeding our flocks of rabbits, quail & chickens, harvesting our pumpkin patch, riding in the tractor.  We had perfect weather and took a short walk around the property.  Gavin (4 years old) enjoyed picking up every huge branch/tree he could lift and playing in the leaves.  The dads were into their fatherly roles and enjoyed carrying their babes.  The moms spent most of the visit lounging on the couch... yup, a perfect weekend!


  1. What beautiful pictures!

    Love the "Daddy leaf eating game!"

  2. There's nothing as sweet as Hazel's full laugh!! YOu can't help but laugh with her.

    And how precious it is to have good friends, too.


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