Labor Day!

I had hoped to celebrate Labor Day with a phone call from Alaska saying my niece is on her way!  Granted, she's not due for a few more weeks, but I'm impatient to be an Aunt!

Instead, Jake worked like a horse around the property and I high-tailed it over to my parents for the day (partly because Jake's hard work included him cutting the water line!)

So, my parents and I loaded Hazel into the car and drove to one of our favorite spots... HEMLOCK BEND.  This is property that my dad and Uncle purchased, subdivided, and basically paid for my private college education (I even thanked one of the current land owners for that.  He laughed!).  Here are some pics of our Labor Day:

Hazel and I are standing on our "campsite" a small piece of land that we still own.  Behind us is a waterfall coming down the hill and below us is a gorgeous creek.  I'm hoping to camp there in October when the leaves make a golden bed on the campsite.

I hiked Hazel DOWNHILL to the Clarion River

Then my dad hiked her UPHILL (sucker!)

And last a pic to enjoy the greenery of Pennsylvania... and marvel at their identical facial expressions once again!

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  1. How beautiful Julie... hope the water isn't still pouring out, yikes!


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