I'm going to make it official, I'm taking a blogging break.  Not completely, but enough of a break so that I stop feeling guilty when days (weeks) go by and I haven't blogged.  The seasons are changing and I'm investing more energy into income producing tasks (psychiatric crisis work & running an after school tutoring center).  I love blogging, but I don't like feeling guilty when I'm too busy to log-on (I haven't been online for a solid 60 hours!).

I encourage you to sign-up for the email updates.  Your email won't be filled with spam, but when I do post, it will show up in your in-box.  That will save you the hassle of checking needlessly :)

Hazel continues to be the light of my life and everyone she's around.  She is one happy girl.  She has spent a few days at Day Care... and has amazed me with her independence!  NO CRIES during drop off.  She just begins exploring and playing, mostly on her own.  There is another girl her age there and Hazel has much to learn about sharing and being gentle... but it makes me happy to know that she does easily socialize with others and is well behaved when I'm not around (actually, it sounds like she behaves better!).  She is a snacking FIEND!  If there is not a snack cup in her hand, she walks around signing "more".  In fact, both Jake and I have noticed that she begins signing "more" even before her eyes are fully open in the morning.  GEESH!  She can also sign "hungry", say & sign "book" and she says "mama", "dada", "bok bok" (for chicken), "bath", "bye bye", "kitty cat"... ummm... probably a lot more.  She is definitely mimicking our sounds, studying our lips, and growing every day!

During my bloggy break, I am FINALLY going to make my 2009 photo album.  Now that Hazel is here, I want to do a yearly photo album.  No excuses.  (I'm talking to myself here).  I'm also going to get my Christmas-y letter written and MAILED!  Yup, it WILL BE OUT BY OCTOBER.  No excuses.  The reasons are:  I'm including pics from our photo shoot in July... and they'll be outdated by December; and we have a new mailing address and I want everyone to have our address in case they want to send us a letter!  So, if you want the Kosker update letter (or as Jake calls them "brag letter"), please make sure I have your address :)

Does anyone else feel like they're still celebrating the green leaves... and now they're beginning to change color?  YEESH!


  1. "Brag letter"---love it!
    Todd and I went round & round about this when we were first married, because that's exactly what most of them sound like.

    Good decision on the blogging break. No one needs guilt of any kind. Blogging guilt isn't any fun.

  2. But I'll miss reading your blogs, and seeing pictures of Hazel. Still, everyone deserves a break. And especially from blogging. I'm the same way- sometimes I feel like I have a million posts in my head. . . Other times, I'll go weeks without inspiration.

    I'll be looking forward to your return!

  3. Good luck!! I hope you are able to complete everything you want to!! Btw, is 60 hrs a record? ;)

  4. I get it, as I have slacked for months...but...Don't be away too long...I'll miss your posts!


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