A perfect summer day.

Hazel goes to Cook Forest State Park! (a true summer tradition for the Orris & Krumich families. We are lucky enough to have relatives that have a cabin along the river... so Hazel will grow up loving this patch of land!)
Swimming in the Clarion River. By the end of the summer, the water is warm enough to actually enjoy (I have almost bath water standards) and the river is shallow enough to be able to walk 3/4 of the way across. Hazel had a blast playing in the shallow water with her Great Aunt Amy... and then later clinging to her mama while we floated in the deeper sections. For those of you that have been to Cook Forest, don't those pictures of the river bring the vivid smells of the river and the woods to you?

Of course, any true perfect summer day includes...WATERMELON! As you can see, Hazel loves it! I gave her a HUGE FAT piece that she kept dropping because it was so heavy... and yet, she made short work of it! Good to the last bite :)
And finally (or actually throughout the day), we dug out a 20-year-old-but-still-as-good-as-new baby swing. Oh man did Hazel L.O.V.E. that! Luckily for us, the owners of that swing (my Aunt Amy is pictured below) were more than willing to pass the swing on to us.



  1. Julie, I love the watermelon pictures! PRICELESS! :)

  2. She's getting so big...but why is your adorable little girl always naked? I'm pretty sure she has some cute clothes she can ruin when she eats watermelon!

  3. That's impressive!! Great photos!! Looks like you guys had a great time in CF!!

  4. love, love , love these pictures. Dang, she's cute!! :)

  5. Ahhh, the Clarion River & Cook's Forest! Memories, memories. Love the pics of Haze, she almost makes me want to eat a slice of watermelon & I despise it - a fact you may not have known about me.

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