life update

Life has been busy on our pseudo-farm.  We FINALLY started getting eggs from our chickens :)  YUM... actually, between Jake and Hazel, I've never eatten one.... dirty rotten thieves!  Side note:  don't give fresh eggs to your baby to hold.  She will put it in her mouth (BARF) and then drop it (oops!).  Like my bro-in-law said, currently, each egg has cost about $500... so we need  A LOT more eggs to justify the costs of feed and housing for our flock of chickens!

Last weekend, Jake baby proofed our 2nd story main entrance porch.  Now that Hazel is a walker, we had to be so careful to never leave the doors cracked.  She is one fast baby! 
Farmer Cob hard at work.  He is a HUGE perfectionist, so this project took much longer than expected.  But it looks great!  Having my husband on a ladder for a whole day was my idea of hell (I'm a rock climber who is TERRIFIED of ladders.  Granted, we've got some bad family history with ladders!).

My dad was a huge help and offered to build us a gate for the top of the porch stairs.  We had NO idea what to do there, so it's helpful to have a wood worker for a dad!

With "her" men hard at work on the porch, Hazel enjoyed "supervising" from the yard.  We found my parents' old wooden play pen and it makes the perfect BABY CAGE :)

Wait, this feels like jail.  HELLO... anyone gonna play with me?  Is this jail?  HELP!

Other recent events:  2 weekends ago Jake and I spent the night with my cousin and her hubby, Michelle and Mike Uram.  I discovered that Mike is quite the culinary genius... I plan on visiting them much more often (ok, I really like their company too!).  Then the Kosker trio headed over to Lake Arthur to go for a family bike ride.  Let's just say it was a disaster.  Let's just say that Jake spent over an hour trying to fix his bike.  Let's just say that I rode with Hazel's chariot behind me and Jake drove to meet us at the end.  Let's just say that my bike doesn't work too well and the gears don't shift right.  Let's just say that it was a disaster.

However, then we drove to Pittsburgh where we enjoyed Shannon's incredible hospitality (as in, she give us reign of her apartment and even her bedroom!) and ate the most amazing Italian food with Tanya and Jason.  Then the Tosts and Koskers rocked out (kinda... I'm such a rocker... like rocking chair rocker...) at Jake's brother's band's reunion show.  It was awesome to see the Juliana Theory on stage again and we were once again blown away by Josh's talents.  Of course, the highlight for me was when the wife of another band member introduced herself... she recognized me from the photos Josh (Hazel's Uncle) had been showing her of his Niece.  He wins most adorable Uncle award for that one! 

This weekend we return to Pittsburgh because Shannon's bed is really comfortable and there's a bakery around the corner.  Ok, that's kinda true, but the real reason is that Friday night I'm taking a friend (Bre Chisolm) out on the town for her bachelorette party and Saturday is the boys night (for the groom, Trenton Moulin, a lifetime friend of mine).  LOOK OUT PITTSBURGH (yeah right!).


  1. What are you talking about... Pittsburgh isn't going to know what hit it!! ;) I'm excited (as always) to have you guys visit!!

  2. I think it's pretty funny that you photographed both of the people in your house peeking over a jail-like fencing. They even have similar expressions. Maybe Jake's playpen is just bigger than Hazel's!!!

  3. Returning the follow! Have an awesome holiday weekend!


  4. It's sure exciting to get those eggs, huh? We got TWO today! That's a record. I promptly fried them up and put them on my salad. Yum!
    Glad that things are going so well!


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