FrakenZel or HazelStein?

I kid you not... the following photos are unposed, unedited, semi unsupervised (I mean, how can I stop her from eating dirt AND photograph her walking?).  These photos took place over about 3 minutes...  it's the arms that kill me!  Slowly she is beginning to take a few cautious steps without her arms straight out, but like most milestones, I'm in no hurry to encourage that... 'cause her walk CRACKS ME UP!

(I'm addicted to collages.  Is there a help group for this?)  Click on the collage to view larger.


  1. These are hilarious!!! I think I see a future geologist... my brainwashing is working;)

  2. I agree....HILARIOUS! Why do I have the need to laugh when I see her scrunch up her face to cry?

  3. Darn. Those two ladies already used my description of this:

  4. Love the collage! She's such a great outdoor adventurer. :)

  5. Beth, you laugh because it's so darn cute! I laugh at my sobbing child all the time. It's probaby why he's resorted to eardrum splitting screams! I don't laugh when he uses those.

    She's super adorable and I just want to put fake bolts in her neck and paint her face green for halloween :) But alas, she will probably be walking too confidently by that time to pull of Frankenzel :)

    LOVE the photos :)


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