the forager's daughter

About a year ago, Hazel started urban foraging (remember when her dad was written up in a big newspaper about his urban foraging expertise? Hazel always joined him- snug in the Sleepy Wrap- on those early morning adventures. Here's the old post about it.)

Yesterday, I took advantage of Hazel's morning nap to gather the perfectly ripe blackberries growing about 20 feet outside my door. Is life good OR WHAT? I don't have to drive anywhere or pay anyone or worry about trespassing... these bushes are MINE! Unfortunately, Hazel woke up and I wasn't done. So I sat her on the path thinking she'd enjoy looking around and wouldn't move because that's what she usually does on the grass. LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!

I didn't teach her to go for the black ones... she just did! Is she amazing OR WHAT? I'm sure that this was her favorite snack time yet... despite the scratch she got when she got a little too adventurous. Darn thorny bushes (she didn't even cry, I just noticed it later!). Still waiting for this snack to "turn up". Yes, the excitement on the Kosker Farm is never ending...


  1. What a cutie! She is a smart little girl.

    Not to mention she helped get all those hard to find ones that are close to the ground :) Wouldn't want to waste any delicious ripe blackberries just because Mama is too tall to see them!

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm amazed and amused!! What a smart little girl you have on your hands!! I think that it's in her blood.

    By the way, it looks like her white shirt stayed white?!

  3. Smart girl indeed Julie!! She is ridiculously cute as well :) And you my friend, are a lucky girl to have those berries so close!

  4. ohmygosh that picture of her stuffing the berries into her mouth with her eyebrows raised is fabulous!

  5. Lucky! It kills me to pay for my berries. Growing up we always picked them at my Pap Pap & Knee's place. Everytime I bring some home Jayce & I say "At our next house..."


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