bad baby advice

My sister's gonna have her first baby fairly soon, and I thought I'd be helpful and give her a collection of the WORST baby advice out there.

I read quite a few books about getting your newborn to sleep.  One of them was adamant about having specific nap times and durations... as in, you put your baby to sleep at 1:00 pm NO MATTER WHAT and WAKE THEM UP at 2:00 p.m. NO MATTER WHAT.  At the time, I took it to heart, I mean they're the experts, but I looked and looked and looked in that book to find time tables.  I mean, how would I know how long to let them sleep and how often as they grew?  I was so frustrated and completely house bound because it would be so wrong to leave the house and interrupt a nap time...  Turns out, after I followed my instincts and let this little peach sleep AS LONG AS SHE WANTED (and wherever we were) it all fell in to place.  Fortunately, after a few months I figured out that she did sleep according to a pattern.  Since about 4 months of age, she can be awake for about 3 hours between sleeps.  So regardless of whether she falls asleep at 6pm (sometimes she does) or 8pm, I "help" her sleep through the night (anyone else want to write about the whole letting them scream it out idea?) and start counting down the nap clock when she wakes up (at 5am, 6am, or 7am).

WHAT'S THE WORST BABY ADVICE YOU'VE HEARD (and/or tried to follow)


  1. How about---"Your baby wants to nurse all the time---she must be starving! You'd better give her cereal right away."

    No lie---said to me during Juli's first month on earth.

  2. Ahhh! I'm sure you didn't fall for that one! I did receive some good-intentioned suggestings to try adding cereal to a bottle to help her sleep longer. Except, there's been a lot of research and it all disagrees with that advice! Anyway, we get to breastfeed for such a precious little amount of time (though it didn't feel like that a year ago! yes, I still bf 2-3 times a day.), why rush?

  3. I was given the same advice as Grace "give them cereal it will stop them from wanting to nurse so much and it will stop them from spitting up". Make sure you always wash that pacifier if it drops the floor... can't tell you how many times we've been in stores miles from running water when that pacifier has dropped- do you really think I'm going to run to wash it off while listening to my baby scream her/his head off... back in it went and Paige will be 5 and is one of the healthiest kids! (there's always the exception if it falls in the garbage or something really disgusting)!

  4. Hmm... I think mine is anytime someone gives me advice that infers they know my child better than me.

    First time parenting is hard because you feel lost alot of the time. I took alot of things to heart because these people had successfully raised a few kids, they should know right? But the advice wouldn't work and I'd get frustrated. And I slowly realized that my gut was usually right. I see my child every day, I know his personality and the difference between his tired cry and his frustrated cry and his angry cry.

    My "advice" is to go with your gut and don't let anyone talk you out of it. You know your child better than anyone.

  5. "Quit breastfeeding once they can talk" um, no. I think it is AMAZING that I could give him antibodies to any germ he picked up when he was a toddler (he stopped for good right before 2 years old)

    "Let him cry, it's good for his lungs and he needs to be able to sleep alone"

    Yes, well we co-slept. He is 5 and crawls in bed only in the morning for cuddling time(for over 2 years he has been in a twin bed). They are little for such a short time, why rush them into adults? Plus, I don't know about anybody else, but I enjoy sleeping with my husband and cuddling...why must my child sleep alone???

    "You HAVE to feed them babyfood or they will never grow!"
    I personally waited until Max could pick up food and self feed( steamed or boiled sweet potato, zucchini, etc.). That meant he could also stop when he was done and eat when hungry. He is a strapping, bright, and fully functional Kindergartner now..who would have thought...

  6. I think the worst advice I got (and I think it was when Hazel was a newborn!) was "If she's crying, she's manipulating you already". Hazel was colicky and I don't think newborns are able to manipulate quite yet. Maybe they get into patterns...but it was hard to think about "letting her cry it out" when she was so tiny.

    Now, however, she knows a bit know what she's up to :)

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