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Last week I threw my first BIRTHDAY PARTY extravaganza! The night before I panicked because I had so much food, but last minute friends (as in, I'm tacky enough to invite people last minute) pulled through and we ended up with a CROWD (I think we had 37 humans... 8 of them youngsters)! Here are a few pics from the evening (just realized I didn't take pics of the decor... oh well, lots of owls, balloons, and my favorite- a homemade birthday banner from my sis!)

Hazel was super! It was really hot and crowded, yet she enjoyed opening her gifts... almost as much as she loved playing with baby Olson (who she totally pushed over at one point). Olson's older sister, Amelia "helped" open the enormous pile of presents, so that made things much more entertaining. However, as you can see in the pic, Hazel did open some herself (that was a present she opened before the party... a bicycle helmet from Aunt Marianne and Uncle Christoph).

When it came to eating her owl cupcake, Hazel did not disappoint. Well, I think she wanted more icing (psst... just noticed that she is doing the sign for "more" in the pic where I'm holding her with the silly bow on my head. That was Amelia's styling. ANYWAY, her birthday weekend was the first time we noticed her doing that... so Ty, our photographer for the night, might have captured the true FIRST SIGN! Rock on Hazel!). You'll notice, that our sweet Hazel was willing to share her cake with her mama, dada, and Uncle Josh. How nice of her! She probably would have shared with anyone, but we're the only ones brave enough to eat off those grubby fingers :)

Soon I'll post her 12-month pics and reflection... and that will be the end of the monthly updates. My baby is now a toddler! *mixed feelings on that one!*


  1. Look at those beautiful blue eyes! What a gorgeous birthday picture, complete with icing. :)

  2. Wow!! I'm impressed!! She is one smart little girl!!

    Does 1 really = toddler? I had no idea! I always thought that was 2 or 3.

  3. Sounds and looks like it was a blast! I thought it was going to be outside, but I bet it was fun to show off your new house!


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