GroBaby CD update

It's late and I'm tired and I NEED to work on closing up the Nellie's Giveaway, Bubble Pics and Birthday Pics... but I might have been doing a late night stroll through the blogosphere and I might have stumbled upon a fabulous giveaway and I might get an extra entry for blogging about it ;)

I've mentioned before how I'm a fan of the GroBaby diapers, but that their velcro doesn't stick in the wash and has kinda destroyed the cover and now barely sticks at all.... well, clearly I wasn't the only one griping and they've now come out with a new and improved diaper... the GroVia. Oh how I want to win one and try it out!!!

Do you want to win one too (and then give it to me... or not ;) ? Head over to Boutique Cafe to enter this giveaway :)

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  1. So I've switched to cloth diapers (YAY!) and I just got my Gro-Via order yesterday!

    I think it was better than Christmas.

    I can't even explain how incredibly excited I am to try these.

    Unfortunately I am still in the process of prewashing the inserts for maximum absorbancy... I will let you know tomorrow how they work :)

    Oh and if you go to their website, they convert velcro shells to snaps for a whopping $3.50. You send them the shell and a check for $3.50, they send you back a converted shell.

    I really think these are going to be my favorite. I'm so excited to try them!!!!!


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