Giant Eagle & 7th Generation Mega Deal

This is just TOO good to keep to myself!  Yesterday, a friend told me about this deal, I jumped through the necessary hoops to get the 7th Generation coupons, paired them with Giant Eagle's current special (buy two packs of 7 Gen wipes, get a FREE package of 7 Gen diapers), and walked out of the store with TWO PACKS OF WIPES, 1 PACK OF DIAPERS FOR $5!

I'm not sure how long Giant Eagle is running this special, but 7th Gen lets you print the coupons twice... so I'll be going back today (note:  my Giant Eagle didn't accept the $2 coupon, but accepted the two $1 coupon.  Even if you don't take coupons, you'll only pay $7 for the deal!).

Here's where I got the info:  http://www.thethriftymama.com/2010/07/giant-eagle-1-pack-seventh-generation-diapers-2-cases-wipes-4.html

Disclaimer:  yes I am a Cloth Diapering Obsessed Mama, but after our last road trip, which ended with a fully packed car, diaper bag on the top of the heap... right at nose height... I decided that the torture of having to smell the dirty diapers was too horrid.  Sorry Planet Earth!

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