the eve of her birth

All day I have been reflecting on one year ago. Swimming for the first time in my pregnancy because with 5 weeks to go... it was time to get in shape! My water breaking around 10pm ("um honey?!? I'm leaking!?!"). The quick, leaky, nervousy packing for the hospital (I had thought about doing it before, but packing my bag that early seemed dorky), the labor...

Today I made Hazel her 1st birthday cake. The theme is LOOK WHOO's TURNING 1! I am quite pleased with my first effort at a birthday cake :)

I've learned SO much this year. Today for instance, I learned not to pack my bag of cake decorating supplies, set it on the ground, and then turn my back to finish washing the dishes. Guess tomorrow won't be Hazel's first taste of chocolate icing!


  1. Job well done. That cake is adorable. That baby is even better!
    Have fun tomorrow!

  2. It's amazing how a heart can grow and grow like mine has done this past year. We love you, Hazel. Happy 1st birthday. "Llama" and "Junko"

  3. I love the cake, and I'm sure Hazel will too! Happy Birthday to Hazel:) (However, my mom now argues that the mother should get the presents b/c they're the ones who went thru labor, but I say the child is the gift!).

  4. That is adorable!

    Both the cake AND Hazel :)

    At least she'll know what to do when you put the cake in front of her :) Caleb just stared at his... which doesn't really make for alot of fun 1st birthday photos/video.

    Happy Birthday Hazel!!!!!

  5. HA! Adorable. I applaud Hazel in her sneaky ways of stealing her bday cake icing...it was hers after all, wasn't it?! And the cake is adorable as well... You did a great job :)

  6. Ditto! That's exactly what I was thinking!

  7. the cake is SO cute! see you soon!!! and happy birthday hazel!

  8. you did such a fantastic job on the cake! look forward to seeing pictures of the birthday party. enjoy celebrating your little lady's 1st birthday.


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