Vote today through Monday.

Please and THANK YOU!  Please vote once per day per email address  computer.  No logging in required... though you do have to click vote AND submit...geesh!


p.s. the above pic is not the one you can vote on.  It's the one I would've chosen, but I didn't read the fine print and didn't want to reupload all 6 pics (they post the first pic uploaded for the Reader's Choice vote).  This is the pic that I'm SURE will win the judge hearts :)


  1. Look how big she's getting...is she walking yet?!?! She really is adorable though...she will win:)

  2. I voted! Super cute pic! She definitely looks like her momma! :-)

  3. Beautiful picture! I voted. What to you get if you win?

  4. I was able to vote on my work and home computer!! She went from 2000 something to 202 this morning! Go Haz!!


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