Thanks Google!

This past month, I've been experimenting with a few of Google's features (not on this blog per se).  I know there's a lot of them out there and they all sound really handy, my thinking has always been that I'll get to them SOMEDAY! 

First I tried Google Adsense.  Basically, you give them permission to put ads on your blog and each time a viewer clicks on one of your adds, you get $.  I made over $9 my first month!  UNBELIEVABLE!  I literally did NOTHING and got paid for it.  SO MY STYLE!  Plus, a friend told me that the blog host that I'm using takes a portion of my money... I haven't check into that yet- way too much work.  Now that I've reaped the rewards of that work, I think I'll take the time to look into that!  Of course, some of the ads were products that my mom and I found to be really great (so joke's on me! or at least my pocket book).  That's how we found the Cloth Diaper company based in Pittsburgh (however, it's illegal for me to click on my own ads or ask someone else to!).  Plus, that blog is new and growing, so I have a new goal for June... to make $20 :)

This past week I was communicating with a company about reviewing their product and they wanted to know how many "unique" visitors my site received (first time visitors).  I had NO idea!  So, I tried Google Analytics.  It is SO cool!  I can see how many unique visitors, how many returners, what they clicked on while on my site and a lot more!  Of course, it's just one more thing to check and then I need to figure out what to do with the data.  But, I really like it!

So, THANKS Google!

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  1. I missed this before! Sounds like google is treating you well! ;) Google Analytics sounds pretty cool!! The internet is amazing!!


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