A new form of pen pal

I have to say that though I've been at this for 2 years, this "blogging thing" (yeah, I used quotes.  it's COOL!) amazes me!

About a month ago I signed up for Google Analytics and it's WAY better than my previous stats tracker.  There are days where SIXTY people view Kosker's Idlewild.  Lazy Green Mama gets FIFTY views on its good days (and LGM has a lot of good days.  PLUS LGM attracts way more new viewers).  That means that my Kosker's Idlewild readers are loyal while my LGM readers are new and I hope they become loyal.

Growing up I always had a few pen pals.  Michelley and Megan (cousin and friend respectively) were my most serious pen pals.  In fact, recently Michelle and her husband were quoting and giggling over my adolescent letters... glad I'm so entertaining (and that they are so bored.  Ha!).  Megan's mom used to always tell my mom how HILARIOUS my letters were and my mom always wanted to read them before I sent them, but that would be so WRONG... almost as WRONG as showing a friend's letters to your MOM OR HUSBAND!  Ok, I really don't care (especially when they're like 20 years old!), but I was always surprised 'cause I never meant to be writing humorous letters.

Today a friend/coworker from my days in Oregon (Shout-out to Ray Charles.  Not that guy, a different guy with the same name!) complimented me on my humor in LGM.  It made my day.  I like that people find me to be funny... even though I usually don't mean to be.

This week I'm launching a big review/giveaway event on Lazy Green Mama.  It's Hazel's 1st BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA.  In my fantasies, I attract thousands of readers and then companies start shelling out the Benjamins for the honor of having me review their product and/or advertise on my uber popular blog and/or write for them.  It's a fantasy, but.... it.... could... happen. 

While I wait to become an overnight sensation (except for that whole already been blogging for two years), I'll be reading the Classifieds and weighing things like income/health insurance/family time/fatigue.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  Please do me a favor and get share my writing with your MOM(s)/ HUSBAND(s... I won't judge.  Errr...yes I will.)/FRIENDS!

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