it's begun

...SUMMER!  Today was the first day when I felt like it was actually summer.  Being a SAHM (stay at home mom), I didn't expect to notice a change.  But there is a definite switch.  YeeHAW!

Afternoon mugginess lends itself to time on the couch, with a tall glass of sun tea, in front of the fan, making a dent in my pile of novels.

Fresh vegetables are the foundation of each dinner (oh how I'm loving our CSA!  I'll give Jake props on that one.).

A last minute plane ticket brought my sister home this week.  I think we've spent 4 days together since Christmas '07!  (We are very close and really write our blogs for each other, but am VERY glad you're along for the ride too!)  Hazel is getting very spoiled with attention and her parents are getting spoiled as Aunt Marianne gives us a day for just-the-TWO-of-us tomorrow!

As I type, my husband is hacking and hacking and hacking away at shrubs which haven't been pruned in eons (a hazard of buying a home from my elderly greenery-lovin' grandparents).

Hazel and I morph into bathing beauties at least once a week as we practice our syncronized swimming.  (swim cap a major PERK of buying a home from my elderly grandparents)
New life abounds as we finally got to bring home our KITTEN (holy cow... er... cat, I don't have any pics of her/him yet!), chickens continue to hatch (again, as I type... seriously... grumble grumble grumble... how many fowl do we NEED?) and our quail start laying eggs (first 6 eggs today!).

So, what are the signs of summer around your neck of the woods?


  1. wow, those are neat eggs. What do you do with them? Do you eat them? Unfortunately here in Florida the signs of summer is unbearable heat and humidity. Is the pool yours, or a community pool? Looks nice either way.

  2. 1. Frizz.
    2. Corn (previously on the cob) in my poo. (TMI?)
    3. Not knowing the DATE, but assigning the weeks numbers 1-8. (Still.)

  3. Those are beautiful eggs! Do you eat them like chicken eggs, or does Jake turn around and incubate them into more quail?

  4. We mostly eat them. The shells are thick and so they're a little time intensive. My favorite thing is to hard boil them and have cute little eggs on a salad!

    The pool is a friend from church. My mom and her friends go a few times a week and "exercise" while drinking wine. Hazel and I love crashing the party!

    Oh, and MHF- it's taken me YEARS to understand where I'm at in the summer by date instead of Week 1-8.

  5. Hooray for the quail eggs... they are beautiful!

    The cap is so very you, you make it shine!

  6. I LOVE the swimming cap... that is friggin awesome! Tre chic!

    My signs of summer currently are:

    1. Work. Travel for Work. Since I work for an Ag company, this is our growing season. Which means all the seed was sold by the end of May and it's time for this analyst to analyze sales stuff. And travel to fun things like sales conferences and plan for the upcoming sales year. Fun.

    2. The great outdoors. MN has a long winter, unless mandatory, I try to avoid the indoors during summer regardless of how hot it is outside.

    3. Fruit. I don't think I can describe my love of in season fruit so I relish the deliciousness of summer.

    4. Enjoying a hot car. I know that sounds wierd, but when you work with a bunch of people who think 60 degrees is the perfect indoor temperature (not really but that's what it feels like) those first 5 minutes in a hot car feel like heaven because I'm cold ALL DAY LONG!

    Those are the things that I love about summer. Just the heat in general. I miss Georgia!

  7. My favorite signs of summer: Reading the paper on the front porch in the morning in my jammies. Not setting an alarm clock. Listening to the birds singing at 5 a.m. Measuring the day in "Mornings" and "Afternoons" rather than minute by minute like the rest of the school year. Being able to go outside in the light after dinner. No coats. And the number #1 reason I love summer? Going out for ice cream at a local "mom and Pop" stand!!!!

  8. ditto to Mom's.
    Plus, I like the opportunity to come home to visit!
    (This is Marianne- on Mom's account. Too much work to log her out, and me in. I'm the lazy-green-sistah.)

  9. I don't see Hazel wearing her adorable sunglasses:P Also, how are those eggs...from Walmart?!?!...hehehe. And can I come up to swim???


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