inside a mother's head

I'm blaming it on a year-long lack of sleep.  I'm at the point where my fantasies involve a warm, tidy place where nothing but prepared foods/room service, a book, a bed, and myself exist (but only for 24-hours!).  Not in the stressed-out tired sense I used to feel during grad school (when I was fleetingly jealous of sick people because they got to lie in hospital beds and be served), a more content and happy extreme fatigue.

Lately I've caught myself thinking things I never would have imagined:
  • "I smell poo (visual check in diaper- nothing), guess I'll have to stick my finger in!"  (REALLY?  As if it's SO much harder to take the diaper off even if it's clean and dry?)
  • "Hey, that guy just craned his neck driving past me to check me out!  I still got it!  If only he knew that I forgot deodorant today... and I have a 24-hour old dirty diaper in my purse that I forgot to remove... and I have a baby in the backseat...."
  • "Hazel's fussy, but I don't want to let her into the kitchen.  I KNOW, I'll just throw this empty cereal box over the baby gate to distract her for a bit."
Now I'm forcing myself to go take a nap.  So that I won't subject you to such posts ever again ;)


  1. You are a hoot! And so honest, willing to say things that the rest of us mommies won't admit to thinking...

  2. you always say you're going to quit subjecting us to your uncensored thoughts, but you never do...

  3. Wow...

    It's like you've been spying on me or something because I've TOTALLY done all of those things!

    HAHA! Reading this post so totally made my day.

  4. Julie you are too funny! By the way...I love her little nick name "Zel!" Too cute!! We are down to 2 names for baby bean! Although we have been calling her one of those names and it seems to suit her. :-) We shall see. Hugs!

  5. eewww. The finger thing grossed me out.
    I'll be happy to give you a break next week! :-) I hope that Hazel likes me!

  6. I hope our girly weekend helps you relax!

    Marianne is going to be in PA?!?! Yay!!

  7. Sounds like you have a hubby who is hiking around in the woods (probably nude) with his closest friends!
    Today the Subway drive thru guys called me mam 3 times while taking my order, when did I become a mam? Have I lost my cuteness?


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