A good week in review

I want to share a few highlights of the past week:

Last Thursday my mom and I hosted a wine & cheese tasting Silpada (type of jewelry) party.  It was so delicious and a huge treat to try so many gourmet cheeses (and wines and chocolates)!  It was my first official party in the new house and though there are gazillions of projects not yet started, I did get a few things done (Jake hung 4 curtains exactly a 1/2 hour before the party.  Thanks hubby!) and was really proud to show off Hazel's room... the only room that's done.  I'll take pics this weekend!  It was so fun to hang-out with almost 20 women ... and the new jewelry that's on it's way to my house ain't so bad either ;)

Over the weekend we took a road trip to visit Jake's family.  It was wonderful to relax and spend time with his parents... and have a very excited audience to show off all Hazel's new tricks (and her first tooth!) to.  We ended the weekend with an afternoon with the Tosts... T and I ditched the kids, diapers and men to enjoy a very impromptu afternoon of soda, popcorn, and the new Sex In the City movie (fabulous!).  It's amazing much more I enjoy everything now that I have a little one.  A lazy afternoon around a pool (Gma Baird's) ranks up there with a day at the spa (I imagine) and a lazy girlfriend afternoon ranks up there with an evening sipping cocktails!  I'm not going to mention the difficulties of the disruption to Hazel's nap and sleep schedule...  UGH (oh, guess I just did mention it)!

The highlight of this week has been Jake starting his new job!  SIGH OF RELIEF (the Koskers have been jobless for over two months.  Very scary.  Very stressful.)  To have him come home from work and say "I had a really good day!"  Is AMAZING!  Quite the opposite from his last job.

Last night Hazel climbed her FIRST STEP!  She was starting up the second when she noticed me watching her... and then baby go BOOM!  Though I'm excited for my growing girl, I really don't want to put a baby gate at the bottom of the steps... we'll see how that goes!

This weekend we're looking forward to an Orris Reunion and I'm hosting a small bridal shower for a friend from church.  The summer is off to a FABULOUS start!

p.s.  Please continue to vote for Hazel on every computer you can get your hands on today, Saturday & Sunday.

pp.s.  There is a fine line between perfect bacon and burnt bacon.  Be glad you're not coming to the bridal shower (unless of course you are and then please don't look closely at your mini quiche!).


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  2. Congratulations on everything, Julie! I'm thrilled for Jake's new job and that everything is turning out all right.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! So happy to hear Jake has a job. I know the relief that comes flooding in when you get that news.

    And NOW someone wants to interview you... you're famous!

    PS You were totally at the dress up clue party. You were Miss Scarlet and wore a red dress I had from like forever ago. John dressed as Col. Mustard and even drew a mustache on himself with mascara. Billy D was Professor Plum and spoke with a fake british accent all night. One of my most memorable parties (for me at least). I kinda want to do it again, but I don't think I'll ever have a group of friends that fun!

  4. That is a great week in review!! I can't believe she is taking her first step already!! Didn't she just start crawling?!?!

  5. So much to be thankful for! Praise God for your blessings.

    "Go through his open gates with great thanksgiving; enter his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and bless his name." Psalms 100:4


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