Bubbles for Kathy.

A very beloved Aunt is conquering Round 1 of chemo this week. It’s not her first time facing this fight. Aunt Kathy is the matriarch of the Kosker family. She’s not the oldest, but we all look to her for guidance, counseling, laughter, understanding & faith. She is a survivor.

I don’t know even the details of her past fights (I hate that that word is plural) with cancer. She is always so focused on the present and the positive. She has taken each fight with cancer and turned it into a passion for advocating for others. She spends countless hours ensuring that other people with prosthetic limbs have the support and resources that she didn’t have.

She is GORGEOUS both inside and out.

Last week she shared with me how powerful imagery is to her while conquering chemo. One of her favorites is BLOWING BUBBLES. Blowing out the cancerous cells. STOMPING out the cancerous cells.

When a loved one is ill we often feel so helpless. We can fix meals, plant flowers, pray (in Aunt Kathy’s case, she’s so popular that there are teams of people already doing all those things for her). WE CAN ALSO BLOW BUBBLES!

Please join us in BLOWING BUBBLES FOR KATHY. Snap some pictures over the course of the next week of blowing bubbles. Before her next round of chemo, I’m going to present her with a collage of people joining her in this fight. Just remember to use the power of imagery while you do it: blowing out the cancerous cells and STOMPING them out!

Please email the pictures to lazygreenmama[gmail] by Friday, July 9th (so that we have time to organize and print them. Thanks to WilsonKlugh Photography for their willingness to assist this novice photographer with developing and to my dad, grandma & kitten for joining me this morning!) You are also welcome to repost this on your blog to encourage others to BLOW BUBBLES FOR KATHY.

Many thanks,

The Kosker Family

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am with them. Matthew 18:20


  1. That's a sweet idea. I want to blow bubbles for Kathy, too. When can I come down? She sounds like an amazing woman!

  2. That's such a great way to look at this fight...stomping out the bad cells! I'll pray for your Aunt Kathy.

  3. That's so sweet Julie! This post brought tears to my eyes!

  4. I read about this via Marianne. I didn't realize we missed it until just now. Cancer has affected our family more than once. I remember my Aunt telling me the same thing about the imagery. I took the girls out to blow bubbles today and explained it to them. They were aggressive at attacking the bubbles. Thank you for this wonderful idea. We did take a lot of pictures. I may have to use your idea in the future. Praying your Aunt is successful in her fight. :)

  5. Kathy....Vinny and I are blowing bubbles every day for you. We love you and are praying for you.
    God Bless!!

    Tyna and Vinny

  6. You are very welcome! Praying and hoping for the very best for your


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