1st Birthday Prep :)

I'm getting excited to celebrate Hazel's first birthday in about 3 weeks!  Hubby and I have a very tight budget and are a little conflicted.  I want to invite the friends and relatives who live within an hour radius (because past that our numbers grow exponentially).  So, maybe 30 people...  Any ideas of fun/ delicious/ inexpensive party foods?


  1. http://www.recipelion.com/Budget-Friendly-Recipes

  2. Costco has cheap, yet delicious bday cakes! And they're pretty big:)
    Or I can make you cupcakes if you need a hand, tell me your colors. I'll try to think of cheap food though...hot dogs are always yummy (not healthy though).
    And I still say you should have the party on Fri so I can come:P

  3. Picnics are always a blast for a summer birthday. (Trust me, I'm the expert on summer birthays!)
    You could even have a potluck birthday party. You guys provide the meat, and everyone else brings the sides. That would be fun!
    PS- I'll be sending some decorations for the party. :-)

  4. Deviled eggs or egg salad sandwiches are usually pretty cheap and the birthday girl can probably enjoy them a little since they're soft and mushy.

    Macaroni salad or anything with pasta can generally be made in large quantities for cheap.

    My only other idea is that you could make it a bit of a potluck where everyone brings their favorite childhood BBQ recipe to share. And ask that they bring the recipe so you can keep it and make it for Hazel to enjoy as she grows. Granted you might end up with alot of icecream and cookies :)

  5. I like Marianne's idea of a potluck bday party! Also since it's a summer picnic watermelon and corn on the cob are good inexpensive sides!

  6. Okay, I just made Hazel's birthday banner and I really hope that you hate it. Because I want to KEEP it! It's SOOOOOOOOOOO adorable that if I don't get a HUGE hug and kiss from you, you're not getting it. :-)
    Can't wait to deliver it in person!

  7. We usually go the cook out/picnic route for the boys' parties. I have some dip, pasta & potato salad (non-mayo kind so you don't have to worry about having it set out). All of which I mostly prep the day before. They are different than the typically ones, so guests think you spent a ton of time (which you did of course ;) )
    If you are nice I will share them with you!


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