11 months!

Though I make a conscious daily effort to appreciate each MOMENT with Hazel, the time has FLOWN!  Recently I was holding a 2-month old baby (Olivia) and I was struggling to remember when Hazel was at that stage.  Clearly I have memory issues!

I constantly want to freeze time, but I admit, I am enjoying each stage so much!  She is SO interactive!  Peek-a-boo always elicits one of her gravely chuckles.  She waves bye bye, but only after everyone has given up waiting for it and left.  I know she's not unique in this, but the way she waves with her hand turned inward makes me MELT!  She is a super fast and skilled crawler and enjoys the freedom of being able to explore the downstairs of the house (I thank my clutter-free/obsessed husband for this...we were baby proofed without trying!).  I can be in the kitchen and Jake can be in the back office and she'll just crawl back and forth, stopping only to dump the cat's water or clear-off the bottom shelf of our spice rack (an awesome rack that spans the entire door of our pantry. the door is currently missing a handle so it only requires a nudge to open.  NOT FUNNY!  I just hope that the lids of the food coloring continue to outsmart her! ).

I mentioned that she climbed a step last week.  It's the only time she's done that... something I'm not encouraging :)

She also is mimicking!  When I read her a book, I've noticed that after I say, for example, "bunny rabbit", she'll make a sound like "buh ra".  I affirm her sounds, but she acts so nonchalant about it that I never know if it was a coincidence.  She is on to the next thing while I repeatedly try to get her to do it again.  However, it's been happening A LOT... so I think it's for real.   This morning we were lying in bed together and she found one of her moccasins.  Instead of chewing on it like usual, she was trying to put it on!  I couldn't believe it!  Too bad for her, rubbing your foot with a shoe doesn't result in success :)

The biggest change for the month: 

 She's started with her top teeth (thought bottom teeth came first?).  She rubs her gums a lot, but it's not till nighttime that I know that she is in pain.  I know this because from 2am-7am... she wakes up repeatedly.  Oi Vey!  I figure that her teeth are bothering her just enough to rouse her from a light sleep.  With her eyes still closed, she begins to crawl until her head hits a railing or headboard.  Then her arms reach up and she pulls herself to standing (eyes still closed!).  Commence the yelling which WILL continue until mama (or dada) comforts her and lays her back down.  Repeat every 30-60 minutes.  It's kinda like sleep walking... hope this isn't a sign of things to come!

As for food, I've relaxed quite a lot and she eats pretty much everything.  Still don't give her much sugar, but she often eats what we're eating.  My favorite things to give her are peas (frozen organic peas are such a life-saver!).  She LOVES them and they take her awhile to eat.  It's the perfect appetizer to free up the floor space in the kitchen so I can cook dinner.  Her favorite foods continue to be berries and grapes. 

These monthly posts are getting harder and harder to write because there's just so much to say!  I love watching a human grow :)  One last highlight of the month... SHE CAN DANCE!  Whether it's a hymn in church or some old school rock and roll, her torso starts a-rockin'.  Fortunately for her, I've also begun dancing a lot more... someone needs to teach her some sweet moves!


  1. Sweet moves huh? I worry for the future of your child's dance skills...

    Granted Caleb is currently learning dance skills from Blue so all my hard work might be ruined in just one short week. Check our blog for video of that sometime this week. It's stinking hysterical.

    Isn't this just a great age!??! Gosh I miss those months where they're so excited about being able to do things and not frustrated about all the things they can't do.

    I'll be home for the 4th of July (fly home Thurs and fly out Monday). We SOOOOO need to get together and hang out. Let me know when you're free and Caleb and I will have to take a pilgrimage out to your new house. I can't wait to see it!

  2. PS If you fear giving your child tylenol to help with the teething pain, they also make homeopathic teething tablets. They only help for a short while,but better than nuthin right?

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  5. She's growing up so quickly! She'll be a teen before I even begin to have kids!!!

  6. Wanna bring that big 11-month-old up to Alaska for a few weeks? The camper's free in July!

  7. I love this pic of Hazel, I just made it my desktop...too cute! Love your blog too, you make me laugh!

  8. That last comment was from me. Had to go anonymous again....Kathy in OR


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