the power of smell

Though I can make NO claims to be an active mama, I do take Hazel on short walks each day.  You see, over the hill and through the woods is my parents' house... and they never run out of bread or hestitate to provide an impromptu babysit so I can get SOMETHING done.

This past week each time I walk through the woods, I am quite literally FLOODED with memories associated with the divine smell of a Pennsylvania summer.  I never noticed or appreciated it before.  But after living away for 2 years, it is INTENSE.

Thousands upon thousands of hours reading books IN trees and telling stories around the campfire on this property.  Thousands upon thousands of dips into the Clarion River and walks around Cooks Forest.  Thousands upon thousands of life changing experiences at Camp Lutherlyn.  (95% of my summer memories involve one of those three places.  Call me predictable, but that is EXACTLY how I plan to divide my time this summer!)

Today I worked up a sweat on this short walk and I can't help but shiver with dread... AND the relief of comfort... as I remember what a Pennsylvania summer feels like (Oregon is not overly hot and never humid).

Hello Pennsylvania summer!  I'm happy to be here with you.


  1. And we just mentioned again today how over-the-top happy we are that you are here in the humid, green, tree-filled, Pennsylvania summer too :)

  2. GAH! I miss it! I haven't been in Franklin for a summer since the summer after senior year! Over 10 years!!!!!!

    The things I miss most: the smell of the ground thawing in spring. How the temperature drops 20 degrees at night so you need a jacket, but don't need AC in your house b/c you just open the windows and use a fan. My mom's garden... never lived anyplace else with a garden quite so beautiful.

    *sigh* isn't it funny the things you don't realize you miss?

  3. And LIGHTNING BUGS! I hear they don't live west of the Mississippi.

  4. And the morning bird noise. I've been waking up for two weeks to still mornings filled with bird song. Sounds just like Lutherlyn.

    We're so glad to have you back in our neck of the woods. :)

  5. Julie, Jim and I had a similar experience of smells when we entered Virginia and stayed in a state park our first night. The power of smell is just so strong. I cannot wait to have some time with you at the Clarion River and at Tippery Pines. We're coming for the first two weeks of July!

    Aunt Beth- lightning bugs didn't live in Louisiana. That's interesting! I didn't realize that there weren't any past Mississippi.

    Love you!


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