New series: mama of the year

Have you ever noticed that I like to confess things on this blog?  It makes me feel better.  Some of my ancestors were Catholic, perhaps that's why.

Feeding my baby puffs/cereal/apple chunks for breakfast by pouring them into the seat of her Bumbo and letting her dig them out so that my hands are free to play around in blogland.


  1. Hazel....Come to Gma NOW. It's okay. We'll let your MOm have visitation rights :)

    P.S. and Haze, Don't believe any stories that your mom tells you about her growing up. I'll pass my Mother of the Year tiara on to her someday soon...nah..I'll wait until you're a teen. Then she'll REALLY earn it!

  2. Sooo... she's sitting on them when you do this? Or she crawls over to the bumbo and uses it kinda like a bowl?

    Either way... that's GENIUS! I pretty much deem anything that keeps a child occupied and happy and allows parent/caretaker time to work on other things as GENIUS!

  3. I think you are building motor skills!

  4. I agree with Shannon! Gross & fine motor skills are VERY important. My confession - I bribed Gav with a cookie to make him stop crying yesterday morning. It was early & I am not a morning person!


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