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I just finished checking my email which was full of links my mom thought I'd be interested in.  She's right.  Especially because none of them pertained to finding a real job ;)

One of my mom's closest friends is a yoga instructor/ chef in England.  Anyone want to join me for a week-long retreat?  http://www.yogajenny.realpages.co.uk/holidays_retreats.htm  Oh My GOODNESS does that sound like heaven! 

My mom is helping me by clicking on ads on my other website.  THANKS MOM.  Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly really (thanks google), she is finding all kinds of great stuff for her two nature-lovin' baby-makin' daughters.  We've been looking for a Pittsburgh-based natural baby store and she finally found it:  http://www.happybabycompany.com/ .  Can't WAIT to visit (of course, we live 2 hours away and were in the area this past Saturday.  Drat!)!

Happy dreaming/ planning/ shopping!


  1. So... I've been looking up ways to investigate promoting a blog (because I personally want to be Dooce) and they have a few out there that you can use to hopefully get more blog readers.

    The one I've been toying with using is blogupp. You put a widget on your webpage is and it shows a a link to other blogs and you get seen on other people's buttons.

    It could get you more traffic to your site. Although, another thing to think about if you DO want to make money from advertising, is that from what I understand Weebly takes one of the highest % off the top. You might want to check out wordpress or other sites that offer the advertising b/c I think they take a smaller % of the click revenue.

    I'm sure that was too much info, but if you're using this as an income source, never hurts to look around. Besides, I also over research EVERYTHING!

    So anywho, good luck! I hope it helps! I love the idea of the lazygreenmama blog and think you could become pretty popular if you really work at self-promotion :)

  2. That looks awesome. Sign me up. Lets go. Wait do we need to win the lottery first?

  3. There is a movie theater over that way...I think we could have the perfect girls day out - food, shopping, & a movie!


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