da bomb

ok, so I've been neglecting my blog.  and/or only writing boring posts.  well hell, i have so many excuses that you really don't want to hear.  however, i think of countless blog topics throughout my day and really wish i had a personal assistant who could then promptly write up the blog i have in my head.  this morning, i created a witty post about how my medicine cabinet holds 5 toothbrushes... for 2 adults.  to briefly summarize that cliff hanger:  it's gotten to the point where there are so many toothbrushes in there that i can't remember which are mine.  so i use them in rotation.  my husband said that it's ok.  we're tight like that.

that last sentence reminds me of this wicked cool climb down at NRG (new river gorge, wv).  it's called "keep it tight or give me aids".  HILARIOUS, eh?  oh wait, i'm not cool rock climber j-rok anymore.  forget i went there with the blog.

see, this is why i don't blog.  i sit down and then i experience what i assume might be a crack heads attention span.

let's go back to the beginning.  da bomb.  cynthia.  she is da bomb because she loves my blog and her comments give me inspiration to immediately post another blog.  plus, she is the friend who explained to me what "69" means.  it does NOT involve someone doing a handstand.  in case that's what you thought too.

today's inspiration?   (j-rok, either get to the freakin' point or post a picture of hazel)

a few weeks old.  sigh.  i already don't remember when she looked like that!  i love my little frog (am i talking about jake or hazel?).

flannel wipes, a tutorial at the request of cynthia
(wait, this reminds me of when two of my oregonian friends, leslie and laura, talked about me behind my back to discuss whether i'm a big enough hippy to use flannel wipes.  so, they burst out laughing when i shared my excitement with them when i bought my first set.  to know me is to love me.)

OK!  So, the flannel wipe is actually the LAZIEST, EASIEST way to be green.  (this reminds me of how i keep meaning to start a Lazy Green Mama blog)  I've used them two ways:
1.  in a constant moistened (made you think of 69, eh?) state by storing them a wipe warmer.  i prefer the Prince Lionhart warmer 'cause it has this sponge thing that helps keep them fresh longer and keeps them from drying out too quickly.  i fold them accordian style (so they pull out just like disposables) directly from the washing machine.  they're wet, but not dripping. 
2.  i've been lazier than usual lately so i've been throwing them into the dryer with the diapers and then shoving them helter-skelter into the wipe warmer (which i don't turn on).  then i either just pat her dry or spritz a little bum genius cleaner (which will turn into plain water or water with a drop of Dr. Bronner's once the official cleaner is gone) on her and/or the wipe when things are a little gooey. 
*for really POOPY diapers, i sometimes use disposable wipes.  but the cloth wipes do wash easily.  i even use them as hankies sometimes... so they better wash thoroughly!  hear that ancient washing machine?  consider yourself warned.

any other questions?


  1. LOVE IT!

    I can't tell you how many times I have chuckled since that conversation during band (about 69). That and our District Band trip where our host wouldn't let us go to the party so we did "makeup" with some $1 toy makeup sets... *sigh* so many good memories.

    Thank you for the educational information on flannel wipes... I might have to think about those for baby #2 especially since we already have a Prince Lionhart warmer :) And flannel wipes really do sound nice and soft for the tooshie...

    Do I have any other questions?!?! of COURSE! I think you should just write a blog about all the green baby practices you do and how they work. I've been curious about cloth diapers. Do you use the absorbant inserts (kinda like maxi pads for diapers)? or do you just use a cloth? I've heard many cloth diapered babies potty train early b/c cloth isn't as absorbant as a disposable diaper so it's a little more uncomfortable... myth? truth?

    And my biggest question for all you people with chickens out there... are you REALLY going to kill, disembowel and defeather the bird? We did this when I was a kid and my mom quickly decided it wasn't for her (too much work)... but it is pretty entertaining watching them run down a hill without any heads - that's a very vivid childhood memory of mine :)

    Hmmm... I'm sure I'll come up with more as I go along. I can't lie, all your greenies out there just fascinate me. In part because I'm kind of jealous (haven't stayed put long enough to do any of this cool stuff) and in part because I'm just amazed that you do all that you do. It's AMAZING!

    OK... I'm now going to end the longest blog comment ever.

  2. I'm sorry world. I didn't raise her to talk trash like this :) Regretfully yours, Julie's Mama

  3. There are so many things I want to comment on in this blog!

    1) 5 toothbrushes? Really?! I was worried your teeth were fuzzy waiting for my package!

    2) I love the name of that climb... don't remember climbing it but I only ever made it down with campers once.

    3)I can't imagine Haz that size!!

    4)I think its funny that bum genius makes a spray for the baby's butt! Kind of like cleaning the kitchen, aye?


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