10 Months and a wee bit WILD

thanks to Mary Beth D. for the super fun diaper cover.  it is not to be used as a cloth diaper cover because it does not have a moisture barrier.  notes about the pics:  have you ever seen the back of knees having 2 creases?; Dear Aveeno:  yes this baby is available for modeling.  She would like to be paid enough to ensure that her mama never has to return to work.;  Jakes like to treat Hazel like a monkey and have her hold on while he crawls around.

If you're an extremely dedicated reader, you might have noticed that I skipped the 9 month post.  Hazel told me not to write it, so I listened.  Ok, in fact she said "da da da.  da da."  Repeatedly for the past 2 months.  Typically that means "I want dada to change this smelly diaper." (works like a charm!).  It seems that "d" is the only constant she can make.  Though she has a very sweet voice, I'm ready for more!  Hazel's voice is so sweet that she charms even herself.  She loves to yell, not in anger, but just to hear herself.  This is especially true in enclosed spaces (mental note:  need to find a public library that is outdoors.  Hazel's joyful yelling was not fully appreciated this week when she was hanging out in her backpack while I spent some time at the library!).

Speaking of more, as of last week, she is officially a crawler!  I've spent the past hour on Amazon comparing gates for the top of our stairs.  SCARY!  The world is now officially her oyster.  Wait, that makes no sense.  Am I mixing metaphors again?

At 10 months, Hazel continues to be a social butterfly and really puts on the charm for members of the male species.  Now where did she learn that (I ask as I bat my eyelashes at every male who passes by.)?  She loves attention and when we're in public she twists in her chair until every single person is smiling at her!  She'll eat anything we feed her, though I still make a lot of her food by pureeing veggies and fruits.  She also seems to like paper now that she can move around and get it.  DRAT!

Along with crawling, she has mastered the art of changing from a prose position to sitting (yikes, need to lower her mattress PRONTO!) and she has pulled herself up to a standing position about 5 times (I helped her for the picture)! 

Her favorite activity is sitting on her daddy's shoulders while he runs around.  Giggles galore!  Last night he put her in her chariot (a fancy trailer for kids to ride in behind a bike) and rode her up to visit Grandma Orris (meaning mooch dinner off of her...again!).  She acted like a QUEEN!  Smiling and waving her arms.  Seriously, who taught her this stuff?

She also has officially adopted a dolly.  At night she scoops it to her chest or lays her head on its soft head.   When we snuggle together in the morning, she tries to use me as her dolly and hugs my arm and/or puts her forehead so it touches my face.  Each time I find a new depth of love pouring out of me!

She can also mimic!  When I took her to my mom's elementary music class, she clapped her hands when the kids were clapping and during choir practice, she watches my mom (the choir director) and waves her arms in the air (I have a sneaking suspicion that my mom does the same thing... waves her arms willie nilly and we follow.  KIDDING!  She's a fabulous director!).

What else?  She is now into 12 month clothing, very age appropriate.  And though I haven't officially weighed her, she's H.E.A.V.Y!  I expect to have toned arms any minute :)

And finally, SLEEP!  The most beautiful sound I ever heard... (just try to get West Side Story out of your head all you music geeks!)... SLEEP.  Though Hazel is not one of those 12-14 hour straight freaks (hear my bitterness and jealousy?), she is predictable.  It took her a few nights, but she taught us that 7:00pm is her bedtime.  She is very adamant about that.  She does sleep for 12 hours, rousing 2-4 times typically between 4:00am and 7:00am.  Once arising for the day, she is ready for a nap EXACTLY 3 hours later.  She'll sleep 1-2 hours and then is ready for her next nap EXACTLY 3 hours later.  3 hours after that it's right about 7:00pm.  Perfect-o!


  1. Such a cute diaper cover! Love it!

  2. Ahhh. She is SO adorable. Those Tarzan pants are simply cute!
    I love how much she smiles. She seems like a truly happy baby!

  3. She is adorable!

    And you found out my secret: I just wave my hands willie nillie to conduct ...but you admit to following me! So, who's the wisest? :)

  4. How cute...I can't believe she's crawling...it seems like only yesterday you were pregnant!

  5. She keeps getting cutier! I was talking to Ash and Kristen about her today. Especially about how she sucessfully captured everyone's attention when we went out to eat (She even made the grumpy owner smile and make baby talk!). She so precious and fun to be around!!

    I love the diaper cover! Super cute!!

  6. OMG! Can we have like a marriage contract? She's adorable... Caleb is adorable... they'd make us some adorable grandkids. We should just sign a marriage contract and forget that whole "marrying for love" thing :)

    Great post. I had a wonderful time reading it and actually laughed outloud when I thought about the outdoor library... I SO agree with you!!!

    Congrats on getting a solid nap/sleep schedule! Your little one is growing up fast and is totally adorable!


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