what's for dinner?

I like it when bloggers share meal or recipe ideas.  It's inspiring and always nice to have a tested recipe to try!

So, I'd like to share with you what the Kosker family is preparing tonight...  (there's a reason the word "wild" is in our title!)

Hazel:  Peach yogurt with mashed organic blueberries and peaches and ground flax seed.  YUM!

photo taken 10 minutes before dinner (which is cooling as I type... gotta type when inspiration strikes!).  this is how she looks when she laughs.  HILARIOUS and has her Gpa Orris says "totally ORIGINAL"!

J-ROK and hubby:  Groundhog pot pie.  That was not a typo.  It's kinda my fault... I'm the one that spotted the "fatty" outside the window one day (it's last day).  I asked my hunter if he found a GROUNDHOG pot pie recipe.  "No, I adapted the SQUIRREL pot pie recipe.".  'Cause we have NUMEROUS cookbooks with recipes like that.  No joke.

excuse the shirt.  PapPap Kosker is a huge Steelers fan...and Jake loves beer.  WIN WIN!

If you ever come to visit, Hazel will probably share her dinner with you... but then you'll have to change a blueberry diaper!


  1. ummm....Yummm....I think. :)

  2. groundhog? like phil? i'm not gonna lie, i'm a little freaked out.

  3. Uhhh... I'm a little speechless.

    Groundhog huh?

    Was it good? I think this deserves a second post. Something along the lines of "Groundhog pot pie, the hangover" in which you tell us, was it good? Did it give you indigestion? Would you ever eat it again? Did you have to skin it yourself or did your handy hunter do that for you?

    I'm just fascinated here. More details please!

  4. Somehow the shirt and Jake's ball cap go right along with the fact that he just 'whupped up' a groundhog pot pie.
    Wow! Lucky Hazel. Keep enjoying that yogurt, Baby! You have no idea what's coming!

  5. We have a groundhog that eats half of my garden every year. I have already seen it hanging around the garden fence... like it knows that I am preparing the garden for planting. This will be his last. I don't think we will be eating it (mostly because neither Jeff or I would know how to skin it). Heath made "pulled groundhog" once and it was good (kind of like pulled pork in a crock pot). I love the picture of Hazel! Such a cutie!


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