tales from the crib

Is this NORMAL?  Does anyone else have this problem?  (If so, why did no one warn me?  I would've bought a solid crib!).

Hazel LOVES to sleep sideways.  Last night I watched her sleep for awhile because her cheeks are so delectable and I couldn't walk away.  I watched as, in a deep sleep, she squirmed, folded, squirmed, folded, squirmed until her head and feet were in the "correct" position... sideways!
what monster parent would put BLANKETS in a crib?  surely not me!

My theory on this (I just realized how redundant it is to say "personal theory") is that she wants to be sideways so that she's in position when she gets mad about how long it's taking us to answer her cries.  Her new thing:  KICKING THE SIDES OF HER CRIB!  It's very effective and very loud.  This is also the reason why we can't just let her "scream it out" because often there is a limb wedged under or over her breathable bumper and she's just too upset to figure out how to get out.  I wonder if she's gonna have nightmares about being in jail (once she's older and knows about things like that)?


  1. Nice! Eli is a crib kicker... although not just if he is mad. Sometimes he just lays there and kicks for the fun of it. If I remember correctly, I am pretty sure as soon as baby is able to crawl and move around you are supposed to get ride of the bumper. It becomes a hazard for them to get limbs stuck behind and it becomes something to pull on to try to stand up and get out. I don't remember when we took Eli's off but I remember thinking, "wow, that was completely useless!" He slept in a craddle in our room for 3 months and then only a few months after moving into his own crib we had to take the bumper away. I hope things are going well in the new house!

  2. And that is what i'm waiting for now that I pulled his bumper out of this crib (we ditched the swaddle this week and now he squirms and wedges his face in the bumper - scary!). Too funny!

  3. Caleb totally does this, but as he is older and fully mobile, I let him whine/cry until he figures out how to get himself out of whatever predicament he is in. Or until they turn into screams of terror/pain and then I run in to save the day. His wierd thing is that he sleeps with his face smooshed into his blankie and his butt up in the air. I think that might have to be a blog of mine... wierd sleeping positions of my child.

    Since no one warned you about this phenomenon, let me warn you about another. Chewing on the crib rails. Caleb is part chipmunk/woodchuck and has chewed through the varnish AND stain on the rails of his crib in 2 places. So I made a little cover to go over them (pictures on my mommy blog). If you want to keep your crib beautiful, you might want to start working on something now. When you take off the bumper, put on something to protect your rails. Consider yourself warned :)

  4. I just wanted to let you know Caleb woke up last night in this exact position. I ignored him at first because he was just whining... but after about 10 minutes of whining I gave in and went to see what was the problem. There he was, on his belly with his legs shoved out the side of his crib. They were so far out that he was legitimately stuck. I then proceeded to feel like a bad parent for ignoring my child for 10 minutes.

    It also immediately made me think of this blog. So I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you around 4:15 this morning...


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