the simple things

I don't begrudge the fact that Hazel prefers to play with her dada.  In fact, I prefer to play with him over playing with myself too.  (oh geesh... someone needs to reign my "mouth" in!  this blog has clearly taken a turn for the worst, eh?)

However, someday when Hazel says "Dad, would you buy me___?"  and he replies "no, I'll make one!", she will wish that she had buttered me up a tad bit more (I'm thinkin' Prom Dress here)!

Last night, she was Princess Fussy Pants.  I was trying everything.  I got out the fancy ball spinner that I recently bought her (the only toy I've ever bought her... oh except for those 2 Christmas presents).  It didn't work.  Hysterics were heading our way and quickly.

So, Jake sweetly offered to give me a break.  Not 30 seconds later... hysteria has arrived... in the form of giggles (man do I need to charge my video camera battery and learn how to upload video).  I peeked around the corner to find out his secret...  a tin pie pan and a beat-up cardboard box.  Let me add that the box lid was shut in that alternating lid way. 

BABY IN A BOX... POP goes the baby.
Who knew?

Lesson Learned:  next time the babe is driving me crazy, give in to the temptation to close her up inside a box!


  1. She looks just like you Julie!! So stinkin cute! Love the baby in the box pics! :-)

  2. Leave it to Jake---awesome idea! Dads think of the best games.

  3. I love it! She is so beautiful and happy!

  4. Yeah, boxes RULE!

    No... seriously... they're hours of entertainment.

    Here are just some of the ways cardboard boxes have been used in our house for entertainment:

    1. Car - you push it around, go vroom vroom and baby is happy.
    2. Baby Carrier (a launrdy basket is another sturdier version of this).
    3. House - cut out a door and window and voila! you have a clubhouse
    4. Tunnel - open up the top and bottom, tape to sturdy piece of furniture and you have a tunnel.
    5. Playpen - Caleb still thinks it's funny when we stick him in a box with a few toys... he'll play for 15-20 minutes with no crying.

    I really don't throw away boxes without using it as some form of toy first...

    Enjoy this age! it's fun :)

  5. To funny! Of course he shut her in the box and she loved it! Who would have thought?


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