My Tree House

Our first home.  (i'm not pleased with this photo, but it's the only one i have on my computer.  and if i don't write this post today, my sister is going to start sending me hate mail ;)
I've been delaying this post for many reasons:  Until the papers are signed (check!), Until I have the time to concentrate and write a nice post (are you kidding me?), Until at least the top priority to-dos are done (see you in 20 years), Until I've done a wee bit of decorating (too bad I hate to shop and have put myself on a spending freeze).  However, we're in our house, our TREE HOUSE, and we L.O.V.E it!  I've known this house my entire life, it was my grandparents' house.  However, I never looked at it with "owner" eyes and I'm thrilled daily with little features.

Some of my favorite parts of the house are:  the cathedral ceilings... I can literally JUMP for joy!, the gas fireplace that I love to simply turn on and then sit in front of all day, Hazel's spacious and adorable room (I'll post pics once the walls are painted.  Currently, it looks like a can of spackle threw up in there... you would never believe the amount of photographs my gparents hung on each wall!), and our first/ only renovation project:

May I present:  THE LIVING ROOM.
Before (two sliding glass doors.  one opening onto the porch, the other opening onto a "sun room" addition)
clearly the BEFORE pic was taken during the big move.  My gparents are exceptionally tidy, so let's not tell them what their house looked like after they moved out :)  And a little shout-out to the cute bum of my cat, Pickel.

and.... AFTER (wall between original house and sun room removed, framed to match the wood beams that were used in other areas of the house.  awesome lamp came with the house, the china cabinet from Jake's gparents now houses our tv.  purple chair... in desperate need of a makeover, but comfy and spins around to be part of numerous seating arrangements, under that rug which will be changed very soon in order to introduce some color into that space, is the original porch!  so reflooring the great room is next on our to-dos!  You can't tell, but the living room and dining room are both in this space and open to the kitchen.)


  1. Wow...it looks great! I even see that you already hung up a picture...that's more than I've done, and I've been in my house for a few months now! I really do love it:) Maybe the purple chair could be brown to match the beam?

  2. LOVE IT! Wow! It's so much better than I could have even imagined!

  3. What a great space! Love the remodel job & how open it is. Can't wait to come see it in person!

  4. Just FYI,
    My name is totally on that picture hanging in the living room. . . Ask Grandma if you don't believe me. ;-)

  5. I LOVE it! It is such a great feature! Beautiful job :)

    PS I like the purple chair. It goes with the fun lamp. All you need are purple cushions on your couch and it'll all work together. Doesn't Jake like purple? :)

  6. I love it! You guys did a great job...I can't wait to see more! And the purple chair looks great in your house :)

  7. Nice work Koskers!! It looks GREAT!! I love love love open floor plans. Nice work. All that research watching HGTV and flipping through pottery barn has paid off!!

  8. How fun Julie... what an adventure! Your reno is beautiful!


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