Happy Easter!

My first Lambie cake!  For the record, it DOES sit up, I just didn't want to carry it to my parents house and have it fall.  I was SO excited to use my new china platter (Jake's dad bought it for his mother 30 + years ago and it was recently passed on to us.  Very special to have Tippy's china at our Easter meal!)

Look at my beautiful Easter Snuggle Bunny!  
Jake and Timmy put Hazel in Easter Jail while I was at choir practice!  GEESH, where can you get good childcare these days?

TWINS!  Hazel and Marla are a few months apart in age.  
He is RISEN!
The Kosker family.  Living a Blessed life.
I am in LOVE with the book I found for Hazel's Easter gift.  I wasn't going to buy her candy, BUT Wal-Mart (I know I know!) sold owl-themed candy.  What's a mama to do?

From my family, to yours.  We hope you're enjoying the beautiful day and yummy (forbidden) foods! 


  1. I love her hair clip! What a cutie. :)

  2. Seriously cute! Happy Easter:)

  3. Cute as a button!

    Love that lambie cake... we do a bunny cake, very similar!

  4. adorable! I just want to squeeze her!
    (And you can't make fun of me for taking pictures in church now. . . You have done the same crime!)
    love you!


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