Groundhog Pot Pie, the hangover

couldn't let that hilarious title pass me by!  Thanks Cynthia :)

GPP, as I call it amongst civilized society so that I'm not publicly shunned, was OK.  We gave it a solid C.  There was too much meat in the pie and not enough veggies.  Also, Jake made the crust from a Joy of Cooking recipe which uses bacon fat in the pie crust.  Genius, yes.  Heavy, a little.

I wish I could say that it's the first time I've eaten GH.  It wasn't.  Years ago Jake made it in the crockpot and it was better that way.  Plus, this time I was just a little too grossed out to be able to swallow easily. 

And yes, Jake does all the dirty work!  I've never killed or skinned an animal, yet we eat something that Jake has killed (and skinned) almost weekly.  Hey, at least we know where our meat comes from ;)  Right now we're raising a batch of chickens... that will make us A LOT more normal!


  1. Normal is all relative;) I was going to ask for your leftovers but after your description I've decided to stick to my domestic diet this weekend!

  2. Wow Julie,
    I thought you were joking at first! You really ate ground hog pot pie? I admire you for being adventurous.

  3. Yay for chickens! The 1st grade just hatched 8 of 'em and I think I get them when they're done! I can't wait to get the little peepers home! (and eat their eggs!!!)

  4. YAY! I got a shout out on J ROKs blog! That made my night :) Thank you for the follow up, I really was curious how GPP worked :) Not only am I super impressed that you ate GPP (more adventurous than I am) I'm also super impressed that Jake killed, skinned, and processed a GH AND made a pie crust. Props to Jake for that.


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