gimme a break

Taking a break from unpacking (yes, we are THAT slow), I strolled over to a blog I used to visit occasionally.  I don't remember how I found this blogger, but she's from Pittsburgh and had a baby last year... so when I was pregnant and living in Oregon, she was a refreshing glimpse of homeslice (because people on the West Coast just aren't as funny.  Haha, in order to slap me, you must visit me!)

So taking a break from my Dewey decimal imitation organization of my bookshelves (probably my favorite thing in my house.  ah I love books!  why didn't I become a librarian?  crap, I'll listen to your problems, but I'll really be thinking of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy... ooo sexy man... gimme a moment to finish that thought... !), I started reading Jive Turkey.  Then I laughed so hard I caught the attention of my husband who was organizing his 3 shelves of homesteading/gardening books.  So here it is, enjoy (warning:  this blog is NOT PG!).


  1. Thanks for posting this Jul! I read the link and it cracked me up. I think I have a new favorite word for stupid people from that too: "asshat". I love it!

  2. Thanks! And congrats on the baby - she is absolutely beautiful!


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