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I was going to blog about Hazel's new tricks (crawling...with a limp and sitting up from a reclined position).  I know I know, all of you non-relatives are really hoping I'll blog about that later.  However, I probably won't (sorry to all the relatives!).  I've been spending my creative energy elsewhere... (ooo a cliff hanger).  haha, no more details for now!  Oh, I can just feel my sister and my mother-in-law bursting brain cells thinking about what I might be referring to.  Na Na Na Poo Poo.

I just used the word "poo poo" in my blog.  That makes me happy.  Speaking of POO POO... my absolute FAVORITE baby store is offering FREE SHIPPING through May 9th!  I feel a tad guilty, clearly they didn't think about the fact that my pregnant sister lives in ALASKA.  Or that Tanya just had her first girl.  Or that Shannon is preparing to go to a baby shower.  Or that Hazel has 3 grandmas and less than 3 months till her birthday (though I'm pretty sure Grandma Kosker bought Hazel one of everything in that store when Hazel was a newborn.  I would like to turn the Grandmas' attention to flexible shoes, pajamas (hand me downs rarely include pjs), and toys/books/baby gear.).  What is the connection to POO POO?  (I am having so much fun with that word!  The only thing better would be to write the word PENIS in all caps.  Oh, I just did!  That was fun too!).  DIAPERS.  This store is the best place to buy cloth diapers and wipes!

Now, their online store is teeny tiny, but I bet you could call up and ask them about the organic clothes, toys, teas (they have a wide selection for preggos), and whatnot that they currently have in stock.  If I may be so bold as to recommend a few things:

Sophie the Giraffe ($22.95).  It's cute and we get lots of compliments on it.  Plus, it's old fashioned, completely natural and Hazel loves it.

Thirsties Duo Wraps ($12.95).  They are my favorite because they grow with the baby, the legs are double gussetted (I might have made that word up) so they really don't leak and you can use them multiple times before washing.

Flannel Wipes ($11.25 for 15).  These wipes are da BOMB!  I simply love them.

The website doesn't mention the free shipping promo, but they sent out an email about it.  The email also has a 10% off one item coupon if anyone in Portland, Oregon will be buying baby things.  You know who to ask :)

You're welcome!


  1. uh....Marianne....I'm answering the blog. So.

  2. HA! Thanks mom! See Marianne... someone thought this post was comment worthy ;) PLUS, mom's already commented on the things that she saw on Mother Nature's website, so clearly she cared enough to look!

  3. Jules, I think your commenting was out of commission for awhile, I tried posting last week and got some error message.

    Anywho, to get to the original comment I was posting. First I admire your greenness, but I HAVE to ask... flannel wipes? How do these work? Are these like reusable butt wipes? That you use even when the poo poo (hehe that IS fun)? Do you have like a bucket of water next to the changing table to get them wet? I realize all your other friends are a little more eco-friendly and smart than I am, but this baffled me and my female coworkers. Although we all agree that flannel would feel nice on a tooshie :)

    Sooo... inquiring minds want to know (and are too lazy to google it) :)

  4. PS Is this your first mention of Hazel crawling? Or am I on crack?

    That is HUGE! I feel like there should be video included in any blog you post about this because crawling babies are pretty darn cute... especially crawls that involve a limp :)


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