commence the orgasm

Oh my!  Please stop puckering your lips in disapproval.  I said that winning Lizzythebotanist's photography contest would be orgasmic...and I WON! 

I'M A WINNER!  My mama always told me that, but now I know it's true!  (for the record, this is the 3rd blogger giveaway I've won this winter/spring! it helps to own stock in random.org.  KIDDING!  but this does make me feel better about losing hundreds of entries on larger websites.)

oh my.  i'm so excited.  (in the spirit of liz, i will refrain from using capitals for the rest of this post.) 

two nights ago, hazel slept for 13 hours... straight!  last night, i'm not sure that she even slept after 2:30am.  this morning i drank the last of my coffee creamer (after only one cup) and i reopened a cut on my finger (reason number 742 why i shouldn't cook) and had to carefully and hurridly carry my baby over my brand new carpeting to dig around for a band-aid.  so, today shouldn't have been a good day.

... but it is!!!  as soon as i read that i won, i called my hubby, danced around the house (i seem to do that a lot, don't i?), and sat down to share this moment with you.  my optimism continues to blossom and i'm hoping that this good fortune transfers over to Jake who applied for an awesome job last night that he's only sorta kinda qualified for (more on that at a much later date when all the dust has settled).

of course, when i showed jake liz's photography site a few days ago, he said "if we win, we'll have to buy trendy clothes."  it's true.... those utah folks that liz photographs are all so dang cute (it was so hard not to capitalize that word!).  oh well, i'm sure liz can make our rei wardrobes look fashionable! 

THANKS LIZZY!  i would have been friends with you even if those cute guys weren't part of the deal ;)


  1. you're such a nerd. your comment about the utahns wearing trendy clothes is soooo funny. i remember when i first moved out here i thought to myself a hundred times a day "is there a dance tonight?" compared to the east coast, it seems like everyone dresses up and does their hair and makeup every day. it was SO weird to me. now i'm used to it so i sort of forgot about that. my friend, amy, and her family were REI-clad and they pulled it off (they're the ones kissing on the bridge in the fall leaves with the little girl looking over the bridge). see? and you don't want to look like someone else in your photos, do you? we'll make you look like your best selves in your rugged gear, don't go shopping!

  2. While I am a little bit jealous I am very happy for you! I can't wait to see the pictures!


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