Free shipping!

I was going to blog about Hazel's new tricks (crawling...with a limp and sitting up from a reclined position).  I know I know, all of you non-relatives are really hoping I'll blog about that later.  However, I probably won't (sorry to all the relatives!).  I've been spending my creative energy elsewhere... (ooo a cliff hanger).  haha, no more details for now!  Oh, I can just feel my sister and my mother-in-law bursting brain cells thinking about what I might be referring to.  Na Na Na Poo Poo.

I just used the word "poo poo" in my blog.  That makes me happy.  Speaking of POO POO... my absolute FAVORITE baby store is offering FREE SHIPPING through May 9th!  I feel a tad guilty, clearly they didn't think about the fact that my pregnant sister lives in ALASKA.  Or that Tanya just had her first girl.  Or that Shannon is preparing to go to a baby shower.  Or that Hazel has 3 grandmas and less than 3 months till her birthday (though I'm pretty sure Grandma Kosker bought Hazel one of everything in that store when Hazel was a newborn.  I would like to turn the Grandmas' attention to flexible shoes, pajamas (hand me downs rarely include pjs), and toys/books/baby gear.).  What is the connection to POO POO?  (I am having so much fun with that word!  The only thing better would be to write the word PENIS in all caps.  Oh, I just did!  That was fun too!).  DIAPERS.  This store is the best place to buy cloth diapers and wipes!

Now, their online store is teeny tiny, but I bet you could call up and ask them about the organic clothes, toys, teas (they have a wide selection for preggos), and whatnot that they currently have in stock.  If I may be so bold as to recommend a few things:

Sophie the Giraffe ($22.95).  It's cute and we get lots of compliments on it.  Plus, it's old fashioned, completely natural and Hazel loves it.

Thirsties Duo Wraps ($12.95).  They are my favorite because they grow with the baby, the legs are double gussetted (I might have made that word up) so they really don't leak and you can use them multiple times before washing.

Flannel Wipes ($11.25 for 15).  These wipes are da BOMB!  I simply love them.

The website doesn't mention the free shipping promo, but they sent out an email about it.  The email also has a 10% off one item coupon if anyone in Portland, Oregon will be buying baby things.  You know who to ask :)

You're welcome!


Groundhog Pot Pie, the hangover

couldn't let that hilarious title pass me by!  Thanks Cynthia :)

GPP, as I call it amongst civilized society so that I'm not publicly shunned, was OK.  We gave it a solid C.  There was too much meat in the pie and not enough veggies.  Also, Jake made the crust from a Joy of Cooking recipe which uses bacon fat in the pie crust.  Genius, yes.  Heavy, a little.

I wish I could say that it's the first time I've eaten GH.  It wasn't.  Years ago Jake made it in the crockpot and it was better that way.  Plus, this time I was just a little too grossed out to be able to swallow easily. 

And yes, Jake does all the dirty work!  I've never killed or skinned an animal, yet we eat something that Jake has killed (and skinned) almost weekly.  Hey, at least we know where our meat comes from ;)  Right now we're raising a batch of chickens... that will make us A LOT more normal!


what's for dinner?

I like it when bloggers share meal or recipe ideas.  It's inspiring and always nice to have a tested recipe to try!

So, I'd like to share with you what the Kosker family is preparing tonight...  (there's a reason the word "wild" is in our title!)

Hazel:  Peach yogurt with mashed organic blueberries and peaches and ground flax seed.  YUM!

photo taken 10 minutes before dinner (which is cooling as I type... gotta type when inspiration strikes!).  this is how she looks when she laughs.  HILARIOUS and has her Gpa Orris says "totally ORIGINAL"!

J-ROK and hubby:  Groundhog pot pie.  That was not a typo.  It's kinda my fault... I'm the one that spotted the "fatty" outside the window one day (it's last day).  I asked my hunter if he found a GROUNDHOG pot pie recipe.  "No, I adapted the SQUIRREL pot pie recipe.".  'Cause we have NUMEROUS cookbooks with recipes like that.  No joke.

excuse the shirt.  PapPap Kosker is a huge Steelers fan...and Jake loves beer.  WIN WIN!

If you ever come to visit, Hazel will probably share her dinner with you... but then you'll have to change a blueberry diaper!


tales from the crib

Is this NORMAL?  Does anyone else have this problem?  (If so, why did no one warn me?  I would've bought a solid crib!).

Hazel LOVES to sleep sideways.  Last night I watched her sleep for awhile because her cheeks are so delectable and I couldn't walk away.  I watched as, in a deep sleep, she squirmed, folded, squirmed, folded, squirmed until her head and feet were in the "correct" position... sideways!
what monster parent would put BLANKETS in a crib?  surely not me!

My theory on this (I just realized how redundant it is to say "personal theory") is that she wants to be sideways so that she's in position when she gets mad about how long it's taking us to answer her cries.  Her new thing:  KICKING THE SIDES OF HER CRIB!  It's very effective and very loud.  This is also the reason why we can't just let her "scream it out" because often there is a limb wedged under or over her breathable bumper and she's just too upset to figure out how to get out.  I wonder if she's gonna have nightmares about being in jail (once she's older and knows about things like that)?


My Tree House

Our first home.  (i'm not pleased with this photo, but it's the only one i have on my computer.  and if i don't write this post today, my sister is going to start sending me hate mail ;)
I've been delaying this post for many reasons:  Until the papers are signed (check!), Until I have the time to concentrate and write a nice post (are you kidding me?), Until at least the top priority to-dos are done (see you in 20 years), Until I've done a wee bit of decorating (too bad I hate to shop and have put myself on a spending freeze).  However, we're in our house, our TREE HOUSE, and we L.O.V.E it!  I've known this house my entire life, it was my grandparents' house.  However, I never looked at it with "owner" eyes and I'm thrilled daily with little features.

Some of my favorite parts of the house are:  the cathedral ceilings... I can literally JUMP for joy!, the gas fireplace that I love to simply turn on and then sit in front of all day, Hazel's spacious and adorable room (I'll post pics once the walls are painted.  Currently, it looks like a can of spackle threw up in there... you would never believe the amount of photographs my gparents hung on each wall!), and our first/ only renovation project:

May I present:  THE LIVING ROOM.
Before (two sliding glass doors.  one opening onto the porch, the other opening onto a "sun room" addition)
clearly the BEFORE pic was taken during the big move.  My gparents are exceptionally tidy, so let's not tell them what their house looked like after they moved out :)  And a little shout-out to the cute bum of my cat, Pickel.

and.... AFTER (wall between original house and sun room removed, framed to match the wood beams that were used in other areas of the house.  awesome lamp came with the house, the china cabinet from Jake's gparents now houses our tv.  purple chair... in desperate need of a makeover, but comfy and spins around to be part of numerous seating arrangements, under that rug which will be changed very soon in order to introduce some color into that space, is the original porch!  so reflooring the great room is next on our to-dos!  You can't tell, but the living room and dining room are both in this space and open to the kitchen.)


gimme a break

Taking a break from unpacking (yes, we are THAT slow), I strolled over to a blog I used to visit occasionally.  I don't remember how I found this blogger, but she's from Pittsburgh and had a baby last year... so when I was pregnant and living in Oregon, she was a refreshing glimpse of homeslice (because people on the West Coast just aren't as funny.  Haha, in order to slap me, you must visit me!)

So taking a break from my Dewey decimal imitation organization of my bookshelves (probably my favorite thing in my house.  ah I love books!  why didn't I become a librarian?  crap, I'll listen to your problems, but I'll really be thinking of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy... ooo sexy man... gimme a moment to finish that thought... !), I started reading Jive Turkey.  Then I laughed so hard I caught the attention of my husband who was organizing his 3 shelves of homesteading/gardening books.  So here it is, enjoy (warning:  this blog is NOT PG!).


the simple things

I don't begrudge the fact that Hazel prefers to play with her dada.  In fact, I prefer to play with him over playing with myself too.  (oh geesh... someone needs to reign my "mouth" in!  this blog has clearly taken a turn for the worst, eh?)

However, someday when Hazel says "Dad, would you buy me___?"  and he replies "no, I'll make one!", she will wish that she had buttered me up a tad bit more (I'm thinkin' Prom Dress here)!

Last night, she was Princess Fussy Pants.  I was trying everything.  I got out the fancy ball spinner that I recently bought her (the only toy I've ever bought her... oh except for those 2 Christmas presents).  It didn't work.  Hysterics were heading our way and quickly.

So, Jake sweetly offered to give me a break.  Not 30 seconds later... hysteria has arrived... in the form of giggles (man do I need to charge my video camera battery and learn how to upload video).  I peeked around the corner to find out his secret...  a tin pie pan and a beat-up cardboard box.  Let me add that the box lid was shut in that alternating lid way. 

BABY IN A BOX... POP goes the baby.
Who knew?

Lesson Learned:  next time the babe is driving me crazy, give in to the temptation to close her up inside a box!


commence the orgasm

Oh my!  Please stop puckering your lips in disapproval.  I said that winning Lizzythebotanist's photography contest would be orgasmic...and I WON! 

I'M A WINNER!  My mama always told me that, but now I know it's true!  (for the record, this is the 3rd blogger giveaway I've won this winter/spring! it helps to own stock in random.org.  KIDDING!  but this does make me feel better about losing hundreds of entries on larger websites.)

oh my.  i'm so excited.  (in the spirit of liz, i will refrain from using capitals for the rest of this post.) 

two nights ago, hazel slept for 13 hours... straight!  last night, i'm not sure that she even slept after 2:30am.  this morning i drank the last of my coffee creamer (after only one cup) and i reopened a cut on my finger (reason number 742 why i shouldn't cook) and had to carefully and hurridly carry my baby over my brand new carpeting to dig around for a band-aid.  so, today shouldn't have been a good day.

... but it is!!!  as soon as i read that i won, i called my hubby, danced around the house (i seem to do that a lot, don't i?), and sat down to share this moment with you.  my optimism continues to blossom and i'm hoping that this good fortune transfers over to Jake who applied for an awesome job last night that he's only sorta kinda qualified for (more on that at a much later date when all the dust has settled).

of course, when i showed jake liz's photography site a few days ago, he said "if we win, we'll have to buy trendy clothes."  it's true.... those utah folks that liz photographs are all so dang cute (it was so hard not to capitalize that word!).  oh well, i'm sure liz can make our rei wardrobes look fashionable! 

THANKS LIZZY!  i would have been friends with you even if those cute guys weren't part of the deal ;)


Happy Easter!

My first Lambie cake!  For the record, it DOES sit up, I just didn't want to carry it to my parents house and have it fall.  I was SO excited to use my new china platter (Jake's dad bought it for his mother 30 + years ago and it was recently passed on to us.  Very special to have Tippy's china at our Easter meal!)

Look at my beautiful Easter Snuggle Bunny!  
Jake and Timmy put Hazel in Easter Jail while I was at choir practice!  GEESH, where can you get good childcare these days?

TWINS!  Hazel and Marla are a few months apart in age.  
He is RISEN!
The Kosker family.  Living a Blessed life.
I am in LOVE with the book I found for Hazel's Easter gift.  I wasn't going to buy her candy, BUT Wal-Mart (I know I know!) sold owl-themed candy.  What's a mama to do?

From my family, to yours.  We hope you're enjoying the beautiful day and yummy (forbidden) foods!