wishin and hopin...

We all have THAT friend.  Who seems way too together for reason.  When I was a Junior in HS, I became friends with Liz.  Really, it boiled down to the fact that she was a singer AND friends with this really hot and fun group of guys that I leached myself to.  So, we were the lucky two girls amongst gorgeous men.  Life was tough (like going boating and having the guys make us a steak dinner on a friend's houseboat tough).

Now, she is a stay-at-home mom to two wee ones, is battling MS AND if that's not enough to make anyone want to go take a nap... she just launched her professional photography business.  Seriously, take a gander at this website.  I'm in utter awe.

Look through her site long enough to view all the galleries AND you'll be lucky enough to hear my favorite song (from the Once Soundrack).  That will make you a winner, but she's also having a contest on her blog and IF I WIN... she'll be in my hometown photographing Hazel on her 1st birthday!  WHAT ARE THE ODDS THAT SHE'LL BE HOME THAT WEEK?  Oh my, winning hankies from my sister's blog was way exciting, but this... this would be orgasmic!


  1. oh man, you have put me on a pedestal that is WAY too high. promise, i'm not that cool. but thanks for thinking i am;) thanks for the shout out! good luck!!! i bet we can arrange something even if you don't win, though...

  2. I checked out her website in amazement, too. She's got a good eye, huh? Good luck!


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