Shout it from the rooftops!

I'm in LOVE!  Yes, I often talk about the two big loves of my life (hubby and daughter), but there's a new creation that I'm talking about...  my NIECE/ NEPHEW (who is currently cocooned inside my sister).

I am SO excited about this.  My sister and bro-in-law are true adventurers, so I wasn't quite sure how long I'd have to wait for them to "get it on".  They were designed to be parents.  They love kids and do to my sister's ridiculous crafting abilities and my b-i-l's ridiculous outdoorsman activities... there offspring is bound to be the coolest kid!

I truly can't imagine Hazel as the OLDEST cousin.  I bet she'll be like my sister was to all of us youngsters and spend her time teaching them crafts, braiding their hair (even if it's a boy), and making them instant pudding.

**Update:  It seems that it was only I who was subjected to my sister's lumpy pudding in wine glasses.  Sorry M, but it's true!  Jake also loves to make instant pudding and has discovered the most amazing combination:  chocolate pudding with coconut milk!


  1. I can't tell who's more excited about the new family member - you or Marianne! But congrats Aunt Julie!

  2. That is SOOOOOOOOO exciting!

    Not only is it exciting for Hazel to be a cousin, it's so much fun being an Aunt! You get to be cool and give lots of advice on the things that the don't want to discuss with their parents. I think my most entertaining conversation to date was when my niece asked me what it's like to kiss a boy. She was old enough that I felt the need to answer her honestly... it's GROSS and it makes babies!

    Alas, she knew that wasn't true and laughed at me... kids are too smart nowadays.

  3. Horray!!! I'm so excited for them!! Baby Kasch is going to be one super cool kid!

  4. First- I think you are more excited than me. I mean, I'm excited, don't get me wrong. But you're definitely more exhuberant about it at this point! ;-)
    Second- instant pudding? Where did that come from? As the oldest cousin, I don't remember ever making my cousins instant pudding!

  5. That was the one thing I didn't remember either. I DO remember the paper-making, painted tshirts, mario brothers, hair masterpieces, and pizza nights when the adults had fondue :) Many more memories that those to boot!

    I CANNOT wait for this awesome child to enter the world, either! Yay!


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