Real Breakfast

This morning, the cereal cabinet was EMPTY! And to make matters worse, I just wasn't in the mood for eggs.

Desperate to consume REAL FOOD and not just eat Girl Scout Cookies (my first/primal instinct), I took a moment to really think about my breakfast.

Fortunately, I saw my mom's dirty pot in the sink and decided to copy her.  Old fashioned oats with a little soy milk, raisins, and of course brown sugar.  I'm not trying to be a sugar martyr here.

The only drawback was the gag reflex I had to fight because the last time I had oatmeal was with my father-in-law and I learned that he REHYDRATES HIS RAISINS!  Oh the horror!  Oh the insanity.  And to think that this man's DNA is in my daughter...  sigh...  Let's hope she gets his compassion or interpersonal skills and not his taste buds!


  1. i'm all about real food and we've been making a conscious effort to be even better lately. i refuse to buy anything processed unless it is free (we're on WIC until steve's job starts and we have an income, so i still allow the multi grain cheerios and honey bunches of oats to enter the house). we eat oatmeal A LOT. the real kind. with brown sugar and raisins and whole milk. the kids love it and they are filled by it-if i let them eat cereal i swear they will eat an entire box in one sitting. and then ask for more food later. our other go-to breakfast is a 'green smoothie'. the kids LOVE it, i LOVE it, and it's so healthy and filling. here's my recipe:

    2 c. organic baby spinach
    1/2 c. pineapple coconut juice (i use santa cruz organics or rw knudsens)
    1 frozen banana

    blend and serve. make sure to rinse your glass right away when you finish-that chlorophyl really likes to cling to glass!

    and you don't like plumped raisins? do you live under a rock? ;)

  2. Is a "rehydrated raisin" really still a raisin or is it a resuscitated grape?

  3. Yeah---I agree, the raisins sound nasty. But yum---oatmeal! I ended up with one child who won't eat oatmeal and one who loves it.

    Love it with brown sugar, love it with maple syrup, love it with cinnamon & apples...


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