Look Pa, NO HANDS!

This morning, Jake finished an exhausting set of work nights.  So, to celebrate, Hazel had a surprise ready...

practicing the night before in her drool covered (first tooth on the way?) church clothes

shot taken this morning with one very proud papa smiling in the sidelines!  Please note the HAIR!

Disclaimer:  though Hazel is gifted and above average in COUNTLESS ways, she can only maintain this upright position for limited amounts of time (however judging by how quickly she is growing, it won't be long till she's mastered her new trick!).


  1. how precious! and don't worry about the hair, it'll be so long and thick before you know it...you won't know what to do with it!

  2. Congratulations Hazel!!! Sitting up just makes life more fun. It's waaaay easier to play with all those cool toys when you're not eye level with them :)

  3. Look how cute her little toes are, peeking out in the first picture! Love it!

  4. she sure is cute! I love her.

  5. Congrads Hazel! Can you get any cuter?

    Cute church outfit;)

  6. Yay for milestones!! I remember calling my father-in-law at work to tell him my oldest had gotten her first tooth as a baby... there's nothing like those early excitements!


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