Look out HGTV!

Since living in a house with cable for the past few months, I've watched more than a fair share of HGTV (so has Hazel... oops time to get her into the woods!).  Unfortunately for me, I've perused the HGTV website and THE NERVE... they don't film any of their shows in poh-dunk PA.  HUMPH!  No free designing for me :(

Jake and I have strong opinions when it comes to home decoration.  Correction, we have strong opinions about other people's decor.  We have NO idea what our own style is. 

I'm fairly certain our house will be a blank canvas.  Blank because Jake hates knick knacks.  Blank because I have a fear of commitment when it comes to artwork.  Blank because our decor budget falls extremely low on our list of priorities (but this stay-at-home mom won't complain about that!  reality check:  yes I will, but please remind me that it's one of the sacrifices I've made to spend my time with the Haze.).

Ok, so HGTV let me down, but my favorite magazine, Real Simple, was there to save the day!  This month they have an article entitled "What's Your Decorating Style".  Hoorah! 

The choices are:
  • Sophisticated Classic (my friend, Whitney, who I've discussed numerous times.  I LOVE her house and her style, but after reading this article, I agree that it might be too pretty and elegant for me and my yoga pant wardrobe!)
  • Modern Graphic (my bro-in-law, Josh.  He's trendy in a non dorky way and can rock the modern decor without looking like a pauper or a fraud.)
  • Vintage Eclectic (Cynthia's mom.  The lady's Victorian house is the perfect mix of antiques, function, and fresh air.  Just thinking about her reminds me that I desperately need to make the time to stop by and have a visit.)
  • Cozy Casual (ME!  Jake and I immediately agreed on this one.  Not surprisingly, Pottery Barn falls under this category)
Ok, so now I have a description of my style... let's see if I can pull things together and if you'll see cozy casual in my upcoming postings about my new home (no, I haven't bought it yet... but soon!).


  1. I like it (I looked it up)!! Definitely you:) I'm still not really sure what my style is... we'll just go with eclectic.

  2. My mom will be so excited to hear she made your blog :) Don't stop by next week because she is coming to visit ME!! YAY!

    I'm with you, I'm cozy casual. I think I currently describe it as "kid friendly". Furniture kids can't break (or it doesn't matter if they do) and fabrics that hide stains/clean up easily.

    My favorite places to shop: ikea and hobby lobby. Ikea is cheap enough that if it breaks, I'm not upset. Hobby Lobby has coupons online all the time so you can get most things on discount :)

    Good luck on learning how to decorate cheaply :)

  3. i love hgtv! i watch it all day when i'm home at my parents (because i don't have cable).
    i have my whole future house decorated in my head. ;)

  4. www.sproost.com

    You can take a quick little test and find your style! Its fun!



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